Microsoft Offering Free ‘Halo 4′ Avatar Outfit For Watching Presidential Debates

Starting in October, Microsoft is offering Xbox Live gamers free Halo 4 avatar armor for watching U.S. presidential debates on the Xbox Dashboard.

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Septic2143d ago

I have no idea what to make of this. How gaming and the Presidential debates are connected is beyond me.

from the beach2143d ago

Sorry Master Chief, I'm voting Super Miliband Bros. this Thanksgiving. USA! USA!

Shadonic2143d ago

well the next president will have to make difficult decisions for example what if a major threat to the united states arises should America go the COD route and make a squad of Cod like soldiars? or go the Halo route and produce armies of Halo spartans?

iamnsuperman2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

It isn't really. But jumping onto something that is popular/current isn't exactly a new tactic to get hits or publicity. Remember when Bin Laden was killed or Jacko died how this site exploded with stories that loosely "connected" it with gaming.

wwm0nkey2143d ago

It gives people incentive to actually watch and learn the policies. I mean lets face it, there are some people out there that are in the dark about the candidates policies. I mean in a perfect world everyone in the US would care but sadly they need an incentive to actually learn about what will effect the future of the county.

We would have A LOT more politically educated people if you got $5 for watching it on the TV too.

lodossrage2143d ago

All people are going to do is turn it on and go do something else until the debate is over.

You said it yourself, they're in it for the incentive, not the issue at hand.

wwm0nkey2143d ago

Well obviously some people are going to do that but there will be a few who might actually listen you know.

lodossrage2143d ago

It's a nice gesture and it would be great if people did care. But you give people too much credit bro

ALLWRONG2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

That's because people who own 360's in the US also vote. It's an election year and Americans should be aware.

How can you spin this into a negative?

lodossrage2143d ago

It's not being "spun" at all.

Nor am I saying that it's a negative thing. How many people are over the voting age in the U.S.?

Now of that number, how many do YOU think own a 360?

Then once you get that number, just how many do YOU think care enough about voting?

So YOU tell me, what "spin" do YOU see here?

It's not a knock on your beloved 360 or any system at all

lastofgen2143d ago

It's pretty simple, really.
Watch the debates and you get a free avatar outfit. No connection to be made. It's just something to do if you want that outfit. You really don't have to look deep into this.

Maybe they're just promoting a more informed population for our soon-to-be next president.

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bubblebeam2143d ago

This was announced about 3 days ago. Just to make it absolutely clear, is this only for residents of the U.S.A???

Stupid question, as it is U.S.A politics, but I'd like to rock that free Spartan 4 armour.

I actually like American politics more than my own country's politics, maybe because It doesn't matter who wins.

It's also hilarious they are allowed to spend that much money on their campaigns. It reminded me of primary school over a decade ago, when the kids running for house captain would stand up in front of the class and do their speech, and some would bring bags of lollies to bribe people.
LMAO, those were the days.

ChunkyLover532143d ago

This is the most important election in recent memory, so I applaud Microsoft for trying to give an incentive to younger voters to get involved, I mean the policies that affect their and everyone's future is at stake in this election.

I was planning to watch anyway, but now I'll just watch through my Xbox 360.

OhReginald2143d ago

haha wow that sucks for the halo fans!

who the hell is gonna be voting anyways?

not me thats for damn sure.

wwm0nkey2143d ago

How does it suck for Halo fans?

A lot of people, its a pretty important process that decided where our entire country goes for the next 4 years.

OhReginald2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

you really think voting for any of these two douche bags will decide where our country goes? haha you're funny man.

wwm0nkey2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Does more than not doing anything at all

lastofgen2143d ago

Um, people that actually give a sh** about their country and the people who run it??

If you think that all presidential candidates will make the same choices, pass the same laws, promote the same ideas and enforce the same actions, you're sadly mistaken.

Besides, it's better than doing nothing as a citizen. And you should know that tons of Halo fans are not just kids anymore. There are a lot of people that have grown up with Halo, people who are married, have real jobs, have families, and do more than just sit around playing Halo. If you look at Halo channels on youtube, there are a good amount of people that have families now.

So, don't tell me that Halo fans or everyone with an Xbox 360 or a video game console doesn't vote.

ItsTrue2143d ago

Pure and utter ignorance. You know, calling them "douche bags" is ironic because the only one here seems to be you. Your 10th prestige is nothing compared to what they have and will achieve in the coming years. On a side note, you do realise that they they look after you. If some country was to attack you, they'd be the ones to keep them off your shore. So you must be pretty damn stupid to not care.
Here's a life tip for you: Get one.

2143d ago