Original Mass Effect coming to PSN as stand alone title for $14.99

Already bought ME2 and ME3 on PS3 and have no interest shelling out $60 just to play the original game by purchasing the Trilogy set?

Don't worry, the original Mass Effect will release on the Playstation Store for $14.99 sometime near the release of the Trilogy.

This is a great game that will be a terrific game to add to your PS3 library.

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Nitrowolf22147d ago

well that's actually a pretty good deal despite it being years old.

DaThreats2147d ago

Feels good to be patient and a PS3 owner. Get to experience the full ME series.

FredEffinChopin2147d ago

I was expecting $20 if they sold it solo. This is definitely a nice surprise.

NastyLeftHook02147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Wait...i thought this was pc/360. ?

anyways GREAT! news for ps3 owners!

i was wanting to buy a 360 for the original mass effect ) (my pc sucks) so this saves me over 1 hundred dollars! awesome !

and for $15.00, its not a bad deal at all.

SOD_Delta2147d ago

I'll be buying the digital version. The first Mass Effect is the best out of the three.

Godmars2902147d ago

wonder what the back lash will be like if its buggy and/or unchanged from its original release? More so because its certainly to be the one on the collection.

OneAboveAll2147d ago

Is nothing sacred anymore?

Godmars2902147d ago

What are you even talking about?

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The story is too old to be commented.