Top 10 Upcoming Game Releases (October 2012)

GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes:

September was a great month for video game releases. It brought us Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Dead or Alive 5, LittleBigPlanet: PS Vita, and Borderlands 2. Well, what if I told you October is an even better month for gaming releases? It’s jammed packed with a few highly anticipated sequels and one promising new IP from a relatively unknown studio. Can you say sleeper hit?

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AgentSmith2184d ago

October is going to be hype!

Xof2184d ago

Too many games in October! Too few in July, August and September! Games are not movies! There's no good reason to release all of the good stuff at once!

And, hell, so many great games would have sold so much better if they weren't released along side other overhyped games with huge advertising budgets. Yakuza 3? If you do, did you buy it at launch? Probably not, because God of War 3, Heavy Rain and Final Fantasy XIII all came out at the same time.

It's especially bad when it's a localized title from Japan with literally -zero- advertising budget. I mean, Jesus Christ. And then companies like SEGA blame the fans for for the game not selling well. This happens so many goddamn times.

I mean, hell, just a week or two ago Trent Oster tweeted (a joke?) that they were delaying BGEE because they realized, just three days before their intended release date, that releasing their game the same week as Borderlands 2 maybe wasn't a great idea...

...Because Penny Arcade pointed it out to them.

I mean--goddammit.

FuzzyBluePanda2184d ago

I'm only looking forward to 2 games on that list, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, and Resident evil 6.

Donnywho2184d ago

Who the hell goes on a rant after reading about October game releases? Eeeeeesh

Relientk772184d ago

Cant wait for Dishonored and Assassin's Creed III

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