Forza Horizon preview event videos - Team VVV

VVV: "We've been itching to get behind the wheel of the secretive title ever since it was first announced. But can the new development team of Playground Games do the license justice in this new premise?

Alan Boiston traveled to a special Forza Horizon event to find out. As always, we have a host of revealing gameplay videos that show his findings along with an interview with Design Director Ralph Fulton to find out more about Playground Games seminal title. "

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urwifeminder2180d ago

My first 2012 game woo hoo.

MaximusPrime2180d ago

I'm not convince that this will exceed our expectation..

I feel that openworld car games are arcade, that's what forza horizon looks like.

Perjoss2179d ago

me and a friend played it at Eurogamer Expo, its not arcadey.

MaximusPrime2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

ok no problem.

@ greenpowerz, no reason to call me a troll. true that i do not own a xbox 360, i used to own one.
Term troll is more associated with people CONSTANTLY annoy gamers. my comments have few days or a week gaps. not hourly spamming fanboy craps..

in fact, i play modern warfare 3 on xbox 360 at work everyday . i came out top in team games, almost every times.... never did i once think of xbox 360 as poor gaming console... feel free to disagree... its N4G...

greenpowerz2179d ago

Max is a troll and doesn't own a 360

Animal Mutha 762180d ago

Please be what Test Drive should have been. The idea of a sandbox driving game with endless roads is so appealing to me. Test drive was close but poorly executed and supported.

Frankfurt2179d ago

This game won't be as open as TDU2. You can't drive into someone's backyard or down a random ditch. That being said, it's more open than Hot Pursuit's free mode or Burnout Paradise, at least (you can drive into a golf course, for example), and has Forza handling, which puts it right above any other "open" racer.

Launch trailer: