IGN gives 3/10 to Go! Sports Skydiving

While the PlayStation Network has seen drastic changes in the amount and quality of content that hit the service on a weekly basis, there are still times where things aren't so peachy. The Go! Sports franchise is the perfect example of this. Go! Sports Ski remains the worst game on the system, and its follow-up, Go! Sports Skydiving, isn't a whole lot better.

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Clinton5143511d ago

In any game. Reading through most of their reviews they seem to bypass tutorials and/or don't take the time to learn them. While GoSki and SkyDiving are flawed in various areas, the controls are by no means as terrible as they claim.

ruibing3510d ago

They aren't half bad for the price of a cheap lunch.

GIJeff3510d ago

this game is alright. not a final fantasy VIXXIVIXX.5 Dirge of Your Mom killer, but alright.


Gaara_7243511d ago

gets anny worse it will soon bet halo