Nintendo Already Has A Hit On Its Hands With Sold Out Wii U Consoles Nationwide

Months before the official November 18 launch of Nintendo Wii U, it appears that Nintendo already has a certified hit on its hands. Despite a lukewarm press reception and a launch line-up that consists of a slew of ports of games already out on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, gamers have gobbled up every pre-order option from retailers like Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart and Amazon.

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LX-General-Kaos1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

Releasing first in the eye of the holiday season is definitely an intelligent move by the big wigs within Nintendo HQ. Ensuring maximum sales, and an early push for a sizable install base from the start.

The Nintendo Wii U entertainment system is also landing in gamings atmosphere with arguably the greatest launch line up in the history of gaming. Which will for sure play its heavy handed part to make sure that the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system continues to move units off shelves, and keep a warming smile on the face of gamers all around the world.

Not only do the bleeding edge next generation capability within the the architecture of Nintendos new baby stand out. The new innovative touch screen function will forever change the way the consumer experiences home console gaming. A change that comes standard with every unit. A change that I believe will believe will set a new standard for how gaming is enjoyed, while paving the way for competing consoles down the line.

Me and many other consumers alike have been ready for a new generation for years now. With the technical prowess, and next generation graphical capability of the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system and its standard functions. We the consumer finally get our first taste of the future.

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zgoldenlionz1903d ago

It's going to be a huge success once they put all those wii u consoles in every prison cell like you were talking about earlier.

FirstPlaceMan1903d ago

Retro video games should be a reward for inmates who are nearing their end of they're sentence without any problems. If they did one thing wrong while in prison they should be publicaly raped

HammadTheBeast1903d ago


Write raped by guys...we don't want to give people any ideas here.

Army_of_Darkness1903d ago

Everything that gets hyped up is always pre-sold out everywhere but when the release day arrives, I always manage to find several available copies lying around at a local walmart lol!

MostJadedGamer1903d ago

Sega already has a hit on its hands with soldout Dreamcast consoles nationwide.

Launches mean nothing. Consoles almost always sell out at launch.

HammadTheBeast1903d ago

I don't understand the disagrees, it did sell out with pre orders.

Benjamminkno1903d ago

Yeah, Nintendo always do well for themselves, but if 3rd party doesn't, everyone suffers. I hope Nintendo can break their curse of dismal third party support.

HebrewHammer1903d ago

Reading a Kaos post is like reading a Nintendo press release.

Grenade1903d ago

LOL, you actually read that nonsense?
When i see his comments, i just scroll past them, and the same goes for his Sony equivalent.

vitullo311903d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

LX-General-Kaos - Me and many other consumers alike have been ready for a new generation for years now. With the technical prowess, and next generation graphical capability of the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system and its standard functions. We the consumer finally get our first taste of the future.
LMAO nintendo probably pays this loser

Chris5581902d ago

He makes sense sometimes :D

claud31903d ago

Nice one and hopefully more hits to come

Snookies121903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

Come on... Who DIDN'T expect this to happen? Seriously, after the Wii fiasco when it came out lol.

ZeekQuattro1903d ago

Number one reason why I preordered was because of the misadventures I had trying to get a Wii years ago.

Benjamminkno1903d ago

Again, none of this means anything in two years if third parties don't consistently support the console. Also, if the gamepad is durable enough for kids to use it.

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dark-hollow1903d ago

what nintendo really needs is unreal enigine 4 support for the Wii u if they want a big push in third party support.

even if it cant run all the bells and whistles, it needs at least able to run a scaled down UE4. like a 720/ps4 version running at 1080P while wii u version running at 720p. of course for me, and majority of hardcore gamers would go with the superior version, most average joes wont care too much as evident with ps2 multiplats looking inferior to xbox version but still sold very well or xbox 360/ps3 versions compared to the PC.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

Also know one is thinking about the fact that the same people who bought the wii could be the same ones buying wiiU early(Casuals). Also they will most likely have the only dx10 level card next gen which means wiiU will always have a lesser port if devs (who complain about power) use dx11 features in 720 & ps4. It's like they want to give third party companies a reason to not like them.

Most likely the bulk of wiiU price comes from the tablet no the wiiU specs.

They are already behind for Dice's expectations..
"The developer points to memory as the main culprit, as going 64-bit guarantees full access to 4GB or more of RAM as well as better virtual addressing. Andersson sees it as a prime opportunity to upgrade to Windows 8" - Dice

Seems wiiU will be holding back with it's 1gb vRam.

avengers19781903d ago

Doesn't really mean much when there are so few units... even going by the numbers he uses in the article there won't be much more than 2 3 million units... shortage does not equal success

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