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Playstation All Stars Battle Royale PS Vita βeta Impressions | STFUandPlay

This the second beta for Playstation All Stars for the PS3 and the first beta for the PS Vita. This second beta was created for the sole purpose of testing out the connectivity between the PS3 version and the Vita version via cross-platform play. The beta just ended a couple of days ago and hopefully it accomplished what Super Bot Entertainment wanted. (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita)

Romudeth  +   946d ago
Cross play between the PS3 and Vita? Interesting.
doogiebear  +   945d ago
I hope they seperate lobbies though. I dont want to play on my ps3 against a vita player who is using some whack wifi that he got from starbucks.
Tonester925  +   945d ago
Your connection wouldn't be effected. That's the sole purpose of how SuperBot created their network
DivineAssault  +   946d ago
Its going to feel good getting both versions for one price.. Nice value
MakiManPR  +   946d ago
Its not the first Beta of the Vita. LBP had a Beta on the Vita, I played it.
Knight_Crawler  +   946d ago
Its the first Battle Royal Beta for the Vita.
Soldierone  +   946d ago
I enjoy it a lot more on my Vita, dunno why I just do. The only issue is my Vita has a tough time finding games for some reason while my PS3 will find one in a heartbeat.
metsgaming  +   946d ago
Vita's d pad is better than the dual shocks, i hope when they release the ps4 the dual shock 4 will have the vita d pad, bigger of course.
Hicken  +   946d ago
B-b-but who wants to play a console game on a handheld?

Man, people are a trip. I've enjoyed what I've played of PS All Stars, and I'm certain it'll be enjoyable on the Vita.

Actually, I should check and see if I've gotten a beta code yet... nope.
BigDollarZoe954  +   946d ago
Would be nice to get a beta code Superbot at this i couldn't care less i'll wait for the day it releases
Chapulin  +   945d ago
Sly was removed from beta for being too over powered?
Rikuson1  +   945d ago
His lv 3 allow glitched up the game really bad sometimes
topekomsi  +   945d ago
I played in both beta's, my only grip was the vita erroring out when i was trying to play with friends in a match, i got it to work a couple of times flawlessly, also i must say, i enjoyed playing on my vita more than the ps3, weird.

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