Sony Exec Confirms Vita's 10 Year Life Cycle

The PlayStation brand is in an interesting period of flux right now. PlayStation Vita is failing to pick up significant momentum, but PlayStation 3 -- led by a new, hard drive-heavy model -- is slowly closing the worldwide sales gap with Xbox 360. And a slew of PlayStation-exclusive games, long the strength of the brand, are on the horizon even as Sony has significantly truncated its roster of first party studios in 2012, from 15 to 12.

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JBSleek1819d ago

A ten year cycle for a mobile platform? Well that's a first.

-Mika-1819d ago

Ya im not buying it. I don't think it actually going to be 10 years...

HebrewHammer1819d ago

If Rockstar Leeds would develop a damn GTA title for it, that'll add a good two years.

3-4-51819d ago

PSP is going to get a 10 year life cycle in Japan.

theEx1Le1819d ago

Hebrew i think you mean Rockstar North no?

deletingthis346753341819d ago

Rockstar Leeds was the other developer for the PSP GTA spinoffs.

knowyourstuff1819d ago

lol Sony has a funny way of doing business. Instead of perhaps updating the Vita like Apple does with the iPhone, they promise some overly long lifecycle where the technology will be outdated a year at most after its release. The iPhone 5 already has amazing capabilities, it just so happens that no developer is going to spend millions of dollars to make a AAA game for it, however Sony should seriously start doing what actual successful companies are doing with handhelds - update the system more often to get more horsepower. Gamers will just buy the next one just like iPhone users happily spend 700 bucks or more on the next iPhone or iPad. Sony doesn't learn from successful companies and because of this, they are doomed to fail with the Vita. Get your act together Sony!

Army_of_Darkness1819d ago

But what if I want to play real games, good games!? You know, something the iphone doesn't have.
Btw, the 3ds is graphically outdated by the vita but that ain't stopping people from buying it....

AIndoria1819d ago

PSP is getting the support because People in Japan still play the damn thing :P

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1819d ago
fermcr1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

"Sony Exec Confirms Vita's 10 Year Life Cycle"

Just like the 10 year cycle the PSP is having... oh wait, where the hell are the PSP games ? Where the hell are first party games for the PSP ?

Sony completely abandoned the PSP.

ronin4life1819d ago

It's still pretty heavily supported in Japan by 3rd parties.

Better than the vita is in fact.

fermcr1819d ago

Unfortunately I'm not from Japan, and i don't speak Japanese to import the games... and where are the first party games from Sony?

In relation to my comment above, everybody knows i'm right, but they still disagree. Nobody can say anything against Sony in N4G... /sigh

ThePsychoGamer1819d ago

The line I don't speak Japanese to import the games is extremely stupid.

Very rarely it it actually required to understand the language to be able to pick up the mechanics of a game, and even if you can't figure it out, there is an importing community that have people who do speak the language and will make guides to help people who don't speak the language.

I can vouch for this personally, not speaking Japanese has not stopped me from playing

Yakuza Black Panther 1 and 2, Akiba's Trip, Atelier Violet, and several other gems that were never released in the west.

fermcr1819d ago

"The line I don't speak Japanese to import the games is extremely stupid."

That must be one of the dumbest thing I've heard.
Yes it must be fun to play a JRPG in Japanese without understanding a word... or watching a anime in Japanese. Aren't you the smart one. /s

ThePsychoGamer1819d ago

Again a stunning fail in the field of logic.

Two problems with your comment

1: Not all games that don't make it overseas are JRPGs, in fact (Sengura Kagura for example, of course who would play a fighter id they couldn't understand the intricate stories this genra brings /s)

And two, JRPGs are not anime, if the gameplay is good, then guess what, you're still going to enjoy the game. Yea maybe not as much, but the entertainment is still there.

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CalvinKlein1819d ago

I have a vita and it is great but it will be really outdated in 10 years if it makes it that long.

miyamoto1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

“When you look at the consumer for the PS3, it remains someone who’s a fairly heavily engaged gamer. There’s a lot of research showing that the PS3 consumer spends the most time of any consumer on the console. The PS3 consumer also spends a lot. They spend a lot of time and they spend a lot of money. It’s a consumer that’s very valuable. For us, we certainly regard them very highly.”

well ain't that a fact?

PS3 gamers keeps the industry alive. From hardware makers, software makers, bloggers , websites etc. with out PS3 gamers gaming is boring.

You can tell from many articles and comments here on n4g or any websites with gaming involved.

Sony is very lucky to have such loyal customers.
The "arrogance" myth is therefore busted.
That is why they cut their PR & Marketing budget.
Nice strategy Sony got there.
No need to spend millions on ads when you know their is a loyal fanbase.

ritsuka6661819d ago

10 years? Great! When will they start the support for Vita?? '-'

Blaze9291819d ago

i never even knew they intended the Vita to last 10 years...this should be interesting to watch

ConstipatedGorilla1818d ago

Good luck. As much as I hate to admit it, smart phones will have crushed the Vita well before the 10 year mark.

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DivineAssault 1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

i thought vita was doomed.. well 9 1/2 yrs left for ppl to say it i guess.. i know im getting over 10 games for it from now through march..

Bell Boy1819d ago

^^impossible Vita as no

By the way I own a Vita with 11 vita games 6 psp and 5 mini games..Vita as plenty of games but heh the haters gota hate

NastyLeftHook01819d ago

look at the ps2, this is sony were talkin bout man! they can do it.

Dovahkiin1819d ago

Nothing against the Vita, I'm a fan of Sony, but the Vita isn't quite the achievement the PS2 was.

Bell Boy1819d ago

Yes because every console launches with a 100 million plus owners....

PS2 got plenty of doomed articles upon launch and was given no chance of out performing the dreamcast...

That's why the old dreamcast fanboys still to this day drool at the prospect of a Sony failure occuring

TheFinalEpisode1818d ago

The sad thing is that the Vita isn't realizing its full potential and gamers are already dubbing trash because of a lackluster first year. Does that ring the bell? PS3 anyone?

Captain Tuttle1819d ago

Vita ain't no PS2. Why? No third party support. PS2 had tremendous third party support even before it launched. Vita has very little. Hell, Sony can't even get Naughty Dog to make a game for it, why should third party companies bother to?

1819d ago
Captain Tuttle1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Know what? That ND isn't making games for the Vita? Just Google Naughty Dog Vita

Then why doesn't Sony make ND make a game for the Vita? It certainly could use their talents.

Bell Boy1819d ago

Again PS2 was touted as dead cert failure when it too was said to be to expensive and would not have 3rd party support as dreamcast was cheaper and easier to create games for

TongkatAli1819d ago

It seems you can tell the future.

DivineAssault 1819d ago

ND is probably busy w Last of Us & Possibly a nx gen title right now.. Maybe theyll do a vita game later on after the hard work is over.. The ppl who did uncharted on vita did a good job for a 1st attempt & they might be working on a sequel or a last of us spin off.. who knows? i bet when the major projects are completed, theyll squeeze in a few great vita titles... As well as 3rd party.. Right now its limited support will sustain it as it has the best 3rd party offerings compared to 3ds.. All they have are 1st party games w less support than vita despite having a much larger install base

BusterFang1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Lol you do realize that google link you provided also links to Sony confirming that all of their studios will be releasing a game for the Vita.

Just scroll down a bit on the results and you'll see it.

Also, Naughty Dog never said they would never work on a game for it.

"We're not working on anything for PS Vita," the Naughty Dog man said. "I won't say never, ever, but there's no plans for it right now - we've always felt that consoles play to our strengths as a studio the best."

That quote can be found right here:


EDIT: By the way, that link also came from your google search.

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riverstars861819d ago

Someone's been drinking a little too much of the Kool-Aid if you know what I mean.

Carni1819d ago

Well im very happy to know this because im gona buy ps vita this holiday! i want AC3L!

HebrewHammer1819d ago

A good choice sir! I'd recommend Gravity Rush as well.

mt1819d ago

I am playing Gravity Rush right now. I gotta admit it feels so fresh just like the first time I play Kingdom hearts 1. the game has cool ideas and good usage of the touch screen. I love it.