The Top 5 Worst Business Decisions This Generation


"This has easily been one of gaming’s most monumental and interesting generations, showcasing a skyrocket in gaming prosperity and attention.

From the United States Supreme Court‘s decision to protect video games under the First Amendment to the disbarment of Jack Thompson, we’ve seen many ups over the past seven-odd years.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen just as many downs."

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Proeliator2117d ago

Pretty solid list. I agree with the point about handhelds; smartphones are becoming ridiculously powerful and it's harder to justify a dedicated handheld.

RubyToTheMax2117d ago

Sure smartphones are powerful, but they are in no way replacements of dedicated handheld devices, atleast not until they have BUTTONS.

There are many flaws in this article, most notably in the handheld part. Such as:

"Unfortunately, the Vita launched with a weak lineup..." WRONG. The PSVita launched with one of the biggest list of games available for any console, something for everybody.

"Why carry your bulky Vita with you when you can get games of the same production quality on your iPhone, and for cheaper?" Let me ask this question instead, "Why eat garbage when you can eat real food?" Games on the iPhone and Android are incomparable to PSVita games, in terms of quality and user end experience. Never will someone play a game on their iPhone or any cellphone for over 20 minutes. Touch gaming simply sucks. Cellphone games do not have the same replayability as dedicated handheld games.

I point my finger and laugh at the people who compare smartphone gaming to dedicated handheld gaming.


Hooshuwashu2116d ago

you make points sir, but don't you think he was probably addressing it from a market standpoint?

surely when you look at it through that lens he makes a bit more sense; look at how much the App Store makes and I'm sure it may be more than Nintendo makes from its portable market (purely conjecture, feel free to prove me wrong)

MaxXAttaxX2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

For example:

""The simple fact that I can’t voice chat with a friend while in-game""

Umm yes you can. I do it all the time.
Note that he didn't say 'cross-game' or anything like that. So as far as the ability to voice chat while in-game. Yes you can.
And what does this have to do with "worst business decisions"? PSN has a higher number of active members and PS3 has tied.

And are we skipping Nintendo's code thing? I thought the Wii was considered part of this generation as well, smh.

The PSP, at nearly 80mil units sold worldwide, is the most successful non-Nintendo handheld ever and the #6 best selling system of all time. Nintendo never cut the price of their handhelds as quickly as they have once Sony came into the scene.

Vita's launch line up was actually quite strong.

Games of the same production quality on your phone? Haha GTFO.
You see those new Nintendo and PlayStation handheld exclusives? You're not playing those on your phone.
I emulate old-school 2D games on my phone, but even still, touch screen controls suck.
So throw away complex commands that require actual buttons out the door.
Casual phones games are great from a market and business perspective. But as a gamer, no.

It's actually pretty easy to justify dedicated handhelds :)

givemeshelter2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

This article is looking from the perspective of the business market as Hooshuwashu has said.
When you look at this list from that perspective, it makes some degree of sense. I disagree with some points, such as Phone games having the same quality as dedicated handhelds. That's rubbish. Dedicated handheld games have higher production values bar none, HOWEVER that's also a double edge sword for that industry. Why? Because if those high production games do not sell (and quite a lot of them for the Vita are not selling to give them a ROI) Game developers will move to a cheaper and more profitable platform. The Cellphone. And they are doing just that.
Look at the number of developers now moving in that direction. The hard cold reality is Dedicated Handheld gaming is on the decline and will further follow that route sooner rather than later unfortunately. Core/Hardcore gamers are NOT the majority buyers for this market anymore.

What most of you on this site and other game sites fail to conceive is the majority of sales for mobile gaming now comes from these mobile Phone and Tablet devices.
Age demographics has RADICALLY changed because of the iPhone/iPad and Android.
It's called convergence.
More casual gamers want an all in one device to do most of their needs now.
Just take a look on public transit and the public at large. How many 17+ do you see playing a Vita or 3Ds compared to that same age demographics playing games on their iPhones or Android Phones?
Throw in the cheap cost of those games and you have the perfect storm for dedicated handheld systems not being around in the near future.
It\s sad...but it's true.

miyamoto2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

the Vita launched with a flawed line up

r1sh122116d ago

but handheld gaming is changing.
Im not sure about apple and the iphones but I know with android phones there are accessories being released which gives the phones analog sticks and buttons.
They are cheap addons, so in total the entire cost will be lower.

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knowyourstuff2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

Oh great, another list about business decisions written by someone with poor reasoning skills and no business credentials. Show me your business degree then I'll take you seriously when you criticize business decisions made by companies run by people much smarter than you. Yes, believe or not, there are people out there smarter than you. It's just so obvious that this is written by with a whiny consumerist mindset. Yeah we all want things to be free, but businesses are in it for one thing - making money above all else. The only way they listen is when you speak with your WALLETS. You don't like the way a business does business? Stop feeding them dollars out of your pocket.

As consumers we want everything to be as cheap as possible. As Business Owners we want everything to be as expensive as possible given what the market is willing to pay. Gamers, more than anyone else, seem to be the most childish. This is especially true when it comes to console releases and DLC. Even when they are given something clearly superior in technology and features, the last thing they are willing to do is pay for them. Like what, are you still working a paper route? That's like buying a Honda Civic every time you're going to buy a car, and one year being offered a Ferrari and crying like a baby when you're expected to pay just a tiny bit more for it. Just ask all those people willing to pay 700 dollars or more for the next iPhone or iPad. It's marginally better, with maybe 1 or 2 new features. Plus their old phone is nowhere near 5 years old, and they still dish out hundreds of dollars. How much better was the PS3 compared to the PS2? It had a list of new features a mile long and the outrage amongst the gaming media was so unprecendented, the outcry like nothing you've ever seen. People were thinking they were going to need a second job... for an extra 100 dollars for the highest end system. Sure they had another version which was the same price consoles usually release at, and still had more features than the xbox. Sony went broke trying to appease whiny gamers to spend an extra hundred bucks - unbefreakinglievable. Ask a PC gamer how much they spent on their top of the line PC and you'd sh*t your pants if you thought 600 was too much for an entire console.

Jazz41082116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Another financial expert on n4g. No one needs to look any further then sonys 10year support of psp go.

Hooshuwashu2117d ago

if only BF3 were on steam... I disagree about DLC though. Sure, there's a lot of instances of on-disc content and so forth, but honestly it helps more than it hurts

vortis2116d ago

I don't see how it helps me not feel ripped off when I have $110 worth of completed content on a disc but have to pay in segments to unlock it opposed, to you know, just playing the game and unlocking content like in EVERY SINGLE GENERATION OF GAMING IN THE PAST.

gaminoz2117d ago

DLC is a mixed bag: some of it is so worth it and extends interest in the game (eg Gears 3), but some is just a rort.

It's hard for consumers to know which is which as there is often less publicity and reviews done for them than the actual games.

claud32117d ago

I believe their is more than 5.... but a nice list overall

HebrewHammer2117d ago

I agree with PSN especially. It's starting to feel dated, and limited. I feel like my Vita network is more fulfilling.

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