SankeiBiz: 'Wii U might just be too new of a console for consumers', will struggle against new PS3

Japanese Business site SankeiBiz spoke to Sony and Nintendo as well as Japanese developers discussing the uphill battle the Wii U has against the PS3 super-slim in Japan this holiday.

One industry member even says that despite the Wii U's great unique features that if consumers don't understand why they need those features then they will opt to buy PS3's instead of Wii U's this holiday in Japan.

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Hatsune-Miku2117d ago

The Wii u is a new console with old technology and established technology already on ps3.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32117d ago

Established meaning...ancient? Everyone that wants a PS3 has a PS3 or they want a price cut and Sony didn't provide that. Any PS3 super slim that sells will be by people upgrading their existing PS3. Wii U will be providing new tech in the dedicated gaming space to mainstream users/buyers.

AO1JMM2117d ago


Wow you never stop. Do you troll every Wii U posting?

That "old tech" is newer than that "established tech".

ChickeyCantor2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )


I don't think he is trolling, that is his genuine thought on the matter. Which makes everything even sadder.

He has no understanding of hardware and simply throws numbers around or even says nonsense like "old technology".

It's basically imprinted into his skull. I think everyone should just ignore him all together.

Moonman2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Let me fix this: The WiiU Is New, The PS3 is Too Old: Consumers Will Gobble Up WiiU Like Juicy Thanksgiving Turkey.

chukamachine2117d ago

Wii u will do very well in most regions, 40million topend sales.

Moonman2116d ago

3DS is already 22 million and launched in 2011 worldwide. Think about that!

HalfNerdHalfAmazing2117d ago

the Wii u is sold out every where as far pre orders goes the new ps3 slim post no Treat to the Wii u

thoract2117d ago


Pre-orders for a new system don't mean jack dude. Most consoles sell out at the beginning of their life cycle because they don't release enough units and people see it as an opportunity to make money on gullible people who must have it day one.

I guarantee you that most of these pre-orders will end up in Ebay, just like all consoles before the WiiU. It has already started to happen. People are already selling their pre-order receipts on Ebay. Let’s see how it does after the hype.

Xof2117d ago

Really? It's problem might be that it's too new?

The reason I'm not (at all) interested in the Wii U is that it's not new enough.

I want a 1:1 motion control Wii, with a better designed Wiimote.

I don't want an iPad controller for a 1080p PS3 with the same m/c tech as a Wii.