3DS Game Is Like Trauma Center, But For Nurses

Siliconera: Music company Nippon Columbia recently got into video game development with stuff like Wan Nyan Animal Hospital 2 ("wan" is like "woof" in Japanese and "nyan" is like "meow".) Their next game is Pika Pika Nurse Story 2 for the Nintendo 3DS and it’s kind of like Trauma Center ("pika pika" is like "sparkle sparkle") But, instead of fighting alien germs, you wrap casts and take care of babies.

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Snookies122182d ago

Yeah... Trauma Center's "awesome" factor came from the story and characters. Sure the operations were really cool and fun, but later on they got challenging as all hell.

If they released a new Trauma Center game for 3DS, it would definitely sway me a little further into getting one.