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Top 5 Game Characters for the Presidential Election

StickSkills.com writes, "Let’s be honest–no one’s exactly thrilled with the major candidates battling it out this election season. Wouldn’t it be nice to have candidates we know and love running for Commander in Chief?" (Culture)

TheFinalEpisode  +   911d ago
Snake 2012
dalibor  +   911d ago
Got one better.. Snake Plisken
ApolloTheBoss  +   911d ago
LOGICWINS  +   911d ago
Welkin Gunther from Valkyria Chronicles.
Lionheart377  +   911d ago
You know, I'm with this guy.
Blankman85  +   911d ago
Commander Shepard. Only problem is he hasn't been born yet so that sucks.
koh  +   911d ago
Pretty sure Mario wasn't born in America and is therefore ineligible... also candidates usually have last names, but I don't think there's a law about that. I have my doubts that Ash was born in America either, and the whole animal abuse thing might be tricky.
NastyLeftHook0  +   911d ago
the joker, batman.
Relientk77  +   911d ago
Nathan Drake
dalibor  +   911d ago
I agree but I think Sullivan would be better. He is older and looks the part. Man we sure do have an imagination thinking up of fictional characters that would best fit the role as president.
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Reverent  +   910d ago
Totally agreed. Plus his name more than fits the part.

President Victor Sullivan.

Sounds good, huh?
victoryscreeeeeech  +   911d ago
Slow news day huh.

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