Remember Me: Memory as a Weapon

Memory is an integral part of the human psyche. From it, guidance may be derived for the path to follow based on previous experiences. Solace can be gleamed from evoking a happy event. Memory dictates to whom we are loyal and for whom we hold an enmity It is the unassailable keep which makes up individuality. It is sacred, inviolate and deeply personal. At least until visiting Nilin’s world in Dontnod Entertainment’s newest entry: Remember Me.

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zerocrossing2184d ago

I agree, I mean I'm all for new IP's but this just doesn't appeal to me.

X-Factor2184d ago

Could not disagree more. This appears to have a great mix of Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed in a graphically appealing environment.

It's going to do well.

urwifeminder2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Was a joke as the name of the game is?, awell forget it defenders of game things somepeople dont think very lateral they only see a game they like that needs defence.

Hicken2184d ago

You wanna maybe try that again? This time in English?

Hell, try it in Welsh, for all I care, as long as it makes sense this time.