Top franchises we would like to see on PS Vita

The Playstation Vita is in dire need of games, the portable powerhouse has only had a handful of hit titles since its launch way back in February for the western market. The Christmas line-up including an exclusive Assassin’s Creed title and a Call of Duty are bound to boost sales but here’s a look at what franchises would be best for Vita and how they would work.

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jujubee882062d ago

There has been a lot of rhythm games on VITA but, I still have an itch to play a new "Patapon" game on my little handheld.

r212061d ago


i would love another Patapon on vita :D

And instead of Kratos, I want a female protagonist or a Heavely Sword spin off. The vita has been ladies as main characters like Aveline and Kat :)

jujubee882061d ago

AsCreed 3: Lib and GR are two of VITA's biggest titles and they do feature female protagonists. I totally just noticed that. O.O

Muffins12232061d ago

Sonic adventures
Destroy all humans
Star wars:Battlefront

jetpacksheep2060d ago

Good call on Battlefront, that would be amazing on Vita.

nextbigname2061d ago

Destroy All Humans!! What I would give to have another one of those, and if it'd be as good as the first one... loved it!

Gridloc2061d ago

Infamous for Vita? Killzone will show what vita is really capable of...

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The story is too old to be commented.