Fan Reaction: Thoughts on the Wii U writes: " recently got to go to the Wii U experience in Los Angeles. While we got to share our thoughts on the Nintendo event and on the Wii U. We wanted to see what other gamers felt about Nintendo’s new console as well as some of the games they tried out."

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TheSuperior 2183d ago

Sounds like that Game & Wario is the game to play on the Wii U

SheaHoff2183d ago

I'm really interested to see how the Wii U performs both game-wise and sales-wise

cleft52183d ago

It's funny how the common person seems really hyped for the WiiU, yet you go to the forum sites like N4G and you find a lot of negativity towards the WiiU and Nintendo in general. It kind of makes you wonder which group is out of touch.

SonyNGP2183d ago

The difference is that these people played it, while 99% of the people in sites like N4G haven't.

Godmars2902183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

Who besides someone from an indy game site is going to talk bad about a product at an event for it?

Even then if they talk bad about it. Its going to be afterwards. Nivermind that they're talking about party games.

TongkatAli2183d ago

Nintendo knows how to bring it.

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