Whispers in The Dark Ep. 29: Lovecraftian Lust

Rely on Horror: On this short episode of the Whispers‘ podcast Rourke and I quickly go over the news without the presence of Whitney or Zev. We talk about some movies, the Resident Evil 6 demo, the hype for Resident Evil 6, scantily clad videogame characters, Silent Kojima, and the Book of Memories demo.

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nintendojunkie282120d ago

Jesus!!...That picture terrifies me!

kingPoS2119d ago

It's like the new modern troll face.

Quick! help me curb stomp it's face.(into better proportions)

Myst2119d ago

Made me laugh a bit xD

Trenta272119d ago

Isn't that the guy from Prometheus?

Allsystemgamer2119d ago

Yup. Originally stared in 1979 alien :)