Malicious Rebirth Video Has 13 Minutes Of Gameplay

Siliconera: Malicious Rebirth for the PlayStation Vita is still coming.

Alvion recently released a lengthy new video for the game that shows off 13 minutes of in-game footage, and you can watch this below.

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MaideninBlack2151d ago

I want this updated version for the PS3. That new machine gun cape ability is hawt!

rezzah2151d ago

I was going to get it for the PS3, until I heard a better version was coming to the Vita.

Still I'd prefer this to be on the vita, it'll give me some extra time to spend on other PS3 games.

HarvesterOSarow2151d ago

Looks good! If it's $15 I'll pick it up for sure.

2151d ago
JAMurida2151d ago

I don't understand... Is this just a upgrade version of the PS3 one? Or just the PS3 version on PS Vita?

Either way, I love Malicious, already 100% it. So any more of it is more than welcomed.

morganfell2151d ago

It' the Vita version based on the PS3 version but overhauled with new stages, actions, bosses, capes, etc.

cfountain2151d ago

I'll buy it if it comes to the US

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