Project Gotham dev: How can we beat COD5?

"The focus for our new title," says lead designer Gareth Wilson of Bizarre's first Activision-funded game, "is how can we make a really, really big-selling racing game, something that people will buy over Call of Duty 5".

"I worry that [racing games] might become an extremely niche area," Wilson continues, "unless we work out a way of making it become more mass market". So what can a developer do? Well, how about ganging up with four other racing game designers and having a good old chinwag?

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aggh im on fire3695d ago

I think bizzare creations should forget about racing games.... Forza has it all sewn up on the 360.

FirstknighT3695d ago

Forza is a fantastic game and easily the best vehicle sim ever but totally different to PGR. PGR in my opinion is the best arcade racer available. 2 different beasts.

INehalemEXI3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Lol, Agree somewhat forza is great not the best though. Yet BC should continue to make those arcade racers PGR is a one of the best Arcade Racer franchises.

The Club is aight, they should continue to do TPS or FPS Inbetween PGR's. Eventually they will get a game in the genre that does as well as PGR does in its genre. I would say TPS market needs a lady heroine.

boodybandit3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

The PGR series is incredible. I stopped playing Forza 2 (sold it) after I beat it. I still play PGR. They are entirely different games but I prefer the mix of arcade / sim to pure sim. Forza 2 is an excellent game but not everyone is a diehard sim fan.

I actually like all racing games but PGR is my favorite.

GIJeff3694d ago

burnout, midnight club, dirt, motorstorm, and gran turismo theres not much room for mediocre racing games. I agree with bizarre, they need to do something...

gta_cb3694d ago

such a troll arnt you

GIJeff3694d ago

say that the tuning in GT4 is weak. and, to quote guy on the other tab: " but only fine-tune the breaks and gear ratio.". Thats complete crap. Every aspect of gear, suspension, breaking, boost, breaks and more is tunable. There are literally pages of tuning options. Forza apparently has such options too, i dont know, im going to be honest, i dont have a 360 and could care less.

Another thing, i mentioned 3 multi platform games on the other tab, and someone called me a

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vegnadragon3695d ago

If COD5 is not made by Infinity and based on WWII, you don't have to do much at all.

gta_cb3694d ago

i have not heard anyone say anything possitive about COD5 when they heard about it being based in WWII, i for one am not looking forward to it and expect i will stay on COD4 or something else, i would get PGR5 if it came out the same time.

niall773695d ago


dont have your game set in WW2

TheIneffableBob3694d ago

I'd buy a World War II racing game.

GIJeff3694d ago

that WW2 games suck, its just COD 3 did. Almost everyone agrees that BF1942>BF2

gta_cb3694d ago

lol that was funny, but seriously i doubt i will get COD5... might do if i hear really good reviews, but i doubt i will.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3695d ago

umm that won't have to worry GT5 and Forza is big enough to keep the racing game market strong, they can keep deving their Gothem games, they will still sell.

ChefDejon3695d ago

gonna be a 360 exclusive franchise

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