The Latest Scoop on Grand Theft Auto 5

An overview of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V including release date details, a trailer, rumors circulating about the game and much more. This article provides all the latest news regarding GTA 5 for players to digest.

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claud32146d ago

Right I have had it with these over look, guess the release date, ten things that should be in the game, things that will make the game suck and fail

This crap has to stop

Alduin2146d ago

No offense, but you don't have to read them. It's a popular game. There's bound to be loads of information released regarding it. When popular games come about they get a ton of ooverage. That's just how the gaming industry (or any industry for that matter) is.

claud32146d ago

But you have to agree, this takes up space that should be used for actual real game news

1nsaint2146d ago

Huh wasnt gamescon like a month ago? How old is this article? Or am i missing something

CaptainYesterday2146d ago

Hopefully Rockstar will give us some more screenshots with a Q and A the fans deserve it!