PS Vita on sale for $199 this week at Fry's

Fry's is selling the PS Vita WiFi model for $50 off this week up until October 4th. You can pick up one in store currently or purchase online. For $199, this is possibly the lowest price the Vita will be until Black Friday.

Great price for a terrific handheld system.

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jujubee882119d ago

Yup, technically speaking, it's below the average price of a tablet with lower specs.

Nutsack2119d ago

This should be the official retail price if Sony wants to push more of them and get good 3rd party support because of a higher installed base...

-Mika-2119d ago

Bundles are official price drops. The assassin creed,madden and call of duty bundles save you $40-$60 in savings. Even some retailers include giftcards when you buy a vita. Alot of people need to stop complaining about the price because the $200 vitas are right in your face.

Nutsack2119d ago

I already own one, bought it day one for 250.

I do want Sony to sell a lot more of them though, as it gives 3rd party support. I didn't buy it to own a system that gets hardly any support...

tisoyboy22119d ago

Bought it day one and regretted it after 2 months. it's like the ps3 in the beginning, slow start. its a high power handheld that isn't pushing its real potential.

jujubee882119d ago

For the Playstation Mobile it's a go

shivvy242118d ago

i usually buy a console 1 year later when it has tons of cool exclusives!