The complete list of Medal of Honor: Warfighter preorder bonuses

"A roundup of all of the Medal of Honor: Warfighter preorder bonuses, exclusives, and limited editions available for sale around the web."

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Chapulin2116d ago

GameStop pre-order it is.

insanejournalism2116d ago

Happy with my pre-order from EB games. Though I do want to see that documentary on the 12 special forces they have for one of the other pre-order bonuses.

nolson102116d ago

Going with amazon. Don't care about pointman thing, rather have the LE case.

ger23962116d ago

If I buy it I'll go with best buy and the $20 gift certificate.

MrBeatdown2116d ago

The LE is nowhere near as appealing as the one for the first game that came with Frontline HD.

I might pick this up at Best Buy to get the $20 bonus credit and the map pack if they put out a beta and I like it.

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