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Dishonored: 8 Reasons Why It Could Be The Best Game Of The Year

Luke Stevenson:

During my time at Eurogamer I learned a few things. First being that some stereotypes are true and hardcore gamers don’t shower nearly enough, the new Tomb Raider game looks abysmal, all online FPS multiplayers are the same and absolutely no game is worth queuing 2 hours for.

Despite this knowledge one thing remained importantly stuck in my mind; you should not ignore Dishonored, in fact you should give a lot of your time and, even more importantly, your cash for what could easily be the best game of the year with its innovative take on a plague ridden London-esque city under despotic rule.

This games Skyrim slapping open world, energetic gameplay and increasingly mind boggling potential is quickly putting it in league with not just the contenders of this Christmas period, but of the year, and possibly the decade. (Dishonored, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Philoctetes  +   912d ago
Another article that requires 10 different clicks or so to get through. That desperate for page views?
DeeZee  +   912d ago
Ugh, I hate that! Put everything on one page.
pandehz  +   912d ago
All whatculture.com articles have this, all of them

Hate that shite of a site
rezzah  +   912d ago
rate them down then.

not like something like this is informative, it's just opinions based off pixie dust o.o
t0mmyb0y  +   912d ago
Thanks for the heads up. I don't support site like that.
greyhaven33  +   911d ago
For real, I stopped after the third page...
Kurt Russell  +   911d ago
Nice heads up, won't bother checking this link.
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Hellsvacancy  +   912d ago
Depends how long it is, ive got a feeling its only going to be a 8-10 hour game, I really hope im wrong
Chuk5  +   912d ago
I don't know why everyone has this fix on game length.
I mean, yes I understand the desire to have a game that feels long, but ultimately don't you really want it to be satisfying? IMO, that's more important. And given the achievements/trophies, multiple endings, if it's a 10 hour game that's fine.
LOGICWINS  +   912d ago
If this 10 hour game offers a wholly satisfying experience, then it will FEEL like a 20 hour game. And given the different ways you can approach a situation, like FatOldMan said, you will want to play the game over and over again to see the different outcomes.
rezzah  +   912d ago
I play games for the experience. If it is worthwhile I while play them over until I grow tired of them.

Sometimes games have multiple endings, but there are parts about them that just make me want to not play them again.
Dovahkiin  +   912d ago
I kind of agree, I finished Deus Ex HR in 18 hours, and it's probably the best game story wise, I've ever played. And it didn't feel too short.
Locksus  +   912d ago
The developers said that the fastest player who opts for the kill everyone -play style will finish the game in about 12-15 hours but those who take their time will finish it in about 20-25.
Ducky  +   912d ago
Dishonored looks like one of the few games that might be worth replaying simply due to all the different ways you can play the game.

So length might not be that big of an issue. It's more so a matter of the gameplay itself being as good as it sounds.
Blastoise  +   912d ago
I don't really care about this game but 8-10 hours could be enough for an epic game. Look at Bioshock and God of war 3
fossilfern  +   912d ago
I played it at eurogamer and loved it! Reminds me of Theif but the amount of people just running in find blazing was laughable. One person commented on WHY I went through the level stealthily without killing anyone or being caught, sad times. Fantastic game though got my preorder in!
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solidmic  +   912d ago
It's a Bethesda game. Another bug infested POS!!! Considering their track record, it's amazing how no article or anybody mentions this. I guess this gen is so numb from taking it up the a** from devs, it just doesn't care anymore. Sad really.
Locksus  +   912d ago
How many times do I have to tell people that Bethesda is only PUBLISHING the game. Arkane Studios is the developer.
NoFanboyRequired  +   912d ago
Because people dont know how to read. I also dont care what people think about bethesda. To me their games are great. Cant wait to play the next elder scrolls whenever that is :)
SageHonor  +   912d ago
The game isnt developed by Bethesda. Only published.
Rivitur  +   911d ago

Don't you feel stupid.. sounds like you don't care about getting your information right. Sad really... : P
Commandar_Shepard  +   912d ago
It'll be a good game but not the best one this year, not with AC3 and Halo 4 coming out.
dkgshiz  +   912d ago
AC3 should be pretty good due to the new setting. Halo 4 I have no interest in at all.
bwazy  +   912d ago
I'm thinking the exact opposite.

I'm sure both will be good though.
NoFanboyRequired  +   912d ago
Of course your not interested. You're a fanboy. But, i bet if it was on the PS3, you'd be all over it and praising it like god, right?

This site just boggles me sometimes. Great game comes out on x console, gets bashed. Great game comes out on y console, gets bashed.

Cant we all just get along for once?
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SageHonor  +   912d ago
I'm not clicking through all those pages.
IIC0mPLeXII  +   912d ago
Guess uh, no Dawnguard still huh?
beerkeg  +   912d ago
What's that got to do with Dishonoured?
Alcohog  +   912d ago
8-10 hours is a long ass game. Some of you have way too much free time.
Commandar_Shepard  +   912d ago
What games do you play? Only COD and Madden?
Alcohog  +   911d ago
19 disagrees; I see that hit a lot of you right in the empty social life.

No, I don't play either. Add me if you want to see what I play. You will see some Madden from a few weeks ago when a friend brought it over, but I haven't played a COD title since 2009 and even that I no longer own.

Alcohog on PSN; Beerham on Steam. Come at me bitches.
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SuperLupe  +   912d ago
Same here man ... I work on weekdays and come back home at around 8 PM. I dont have time to play 20h long games all the time. From time to time ok but thats it. 10 hours is the sweet spot for me. Allows me to be able to finish a game without spending 3 months on it.

Unless you're a student I dont see where people get so much time to game.
Fateful_Knight  +   912d ago
Some clown will post a 1 hr speedrun on Youtube a month after it launches. Personally, i'm taking a long time to finish the game. Why rush something this beautiful?
rezzah  +   912d ago
It only serves to boost their ego on something meaningless to the world.

Unless if you can somehow apply skills of speed-runs in the world, then yea it would mean something.

But everyone plays for their own reasons, mine is experience.
modesign  +   912d ago
i will give you 2 reasons why it wont be the best game,
1. bethesda
2. unreal engine.

the end.
Ducky  +   912d ago
The 'best' game is an opinion, but going by the majority/critics:

In 2012: Bethesda's game won most GOTY awards (although that doesn't matter much since Bethesda isn't developing this game)
In 2011: GOTY was between RDR and ME2 -> ME2 uses Unreal.

Not a compelling argument you have there.
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jbiz320  +   912d ago
RDR was in 2010.. FAIL
Ducky  +   911d ago
^ I shifted the year ahead by one because that's when they were awarded.
Admittedly, that is a mistake since the award wasn't for that year itself. (obviously, 2012's GOTY haven't been awarded yet)

You can look at it as Bethesda game for 2011, and RDR/ME2 for 2010.
Doesn't really change the point.
HeavenlySnipes  +   912d ago
Bethesda is not making the game
_LarZen_  +   912d ago
It looks good, but the best game of 2012? Don't think so...
Jazz4108  +   911d ago
Let me guess...the best game of 2012 has to be a sony exclusive? Will not happen as the sites that are not platform specific see right through sonys weak short linear experiences. A multiplat game will win it as always and Dishonored looks as good to me as anybody. Lol to the people on here that dont even know the diffrence between a publisher and a developer. @belac...you must buy all your sony exclusives used. Look at the playtime on them and they average according to research 3 to 8 hours.
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v0rt3x  +   912d ago
Wow that article couldn't have been written worse. The game is fabulous and I'm looking forward to it - but that article repeated itself several times and the author tried to be funny when he really wasn't.
CaptainPunch  +   912d ago
I'm looking forward to this game, but it doesn't look like it's going to win a lot of game of the year awards.
belac09  +   912d ago
i would only buy it used if its less than 10 hrs long, i would never pay 60 bucks for a game that short. thats just dumb.
Rupee  +   912d ago
Why did the new tomb raider game look abysmal?
Rivitur  +   911d ago
Either he was using literary device (sarcasm) to emphasize his point that Dishonored was on another level from other games comming out, or he's just a lonely man who makes people click through page after page to read the full opinion for hits. I'll take the ladder.

Disclaimer: I am in no way saying Dishonored is a bad looking game in fact I think it could be GOTY or at least a definate sleeper hit.
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ElSt3vo  +   911d ago
It was me big cinematic, there was no gameplay there at all; and it wasn't from the beginning of the game it was somewhere after a whole mess of stuff had happened. A example: you have to walk across a log to get a bow off of a man who has been strung up on a tree. The player, steps on the log. The cinematic, walks you to the other end. The player, outstretched an arm. The cinematic, leans, wrestles it off and then falls to the ground.

It wasn't a game it was just a series of cinematics that you had to find the link between by walking for 3 seconds, no actual gameplay required. It was awful. It might be better in full release but the 15 minute thing we played looks terrible.
nihonlight  +   911d ago
I'll wait for USER feedback and perhaps buy it USED.
If I learned anything I know the Bethesda hype is not as it seems. Let's hope zenimax didn't make arkane do a rush job "patch later" just to get fanboy cash .
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tisoyboy2  +   912d ago
Graphics should be an afterthought. Storyline is important. I don't mind lengthy cinematics. They need to earn that 60 bucks.
gamingGod123   911d ago | Spam
The screenshots are damn cool and the gameplay looks very good on paper. Hope it turns out well.
StreetsofRage  +   911d ago
I'll give it a Gamefly rental when I have the chance. Too many big guns coming out soon in Halo 4 and Forza Horizons.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   911d ago
Apparently it has a 6 hour campaign. So yeah, I'll pass.
Run_bare  +   911d ago
I really want to play this game, but I wait a few months since it created by Bethesda and their game is all Buggy on PS3, they haven't yet fix SKYRIM.

Maybe, i skip it all together, i am still piss with them.

PS3 is my console of choice.
GrahamGolden  +   911d ago
this game wont be game of the year..mister journalist wannabe its ok to be a fangirl of a game but that far ??? lol wake up adn come back to reality and plz the 5-10 reasons is getting old already...we are near 2013 time to move on
nihonlight  +   911d ago
Sorry arkane I'm boycotting Bethesda, even games the "publish"..
I'll buy dishonored USED if it's decent. But Beth has ripped ps3 users off more than once.
Fool me once...just once.
#23 (Edited 911d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Chuk5  +   911d ago
You do that.
Help continue the discouragement of new IPs
nihonlight  +   911d ago
Really? Don't worry there's plenty if sheep to buy this game day 1.
Way to stand up to a company that could care less about you.
Chuk5  +   911d ago
Personally I loved skyrim.
So I will not take that dismissive tone from you.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   911d ago
Well nihonlight has a point.

I own the 360 version and loved it. Still loving it. I had no game breaking issues at all. It's been a pleasure playing it. However, there were issues with the PS3 version. If people keep buying broken games from developers and publishers, then where is their incentive to ensure they release a better quality game next time?

People vote with their wallets what they believe is "quality". If sales stop then the developer will have 2 choices, either ensure a better quality game is released on said platform OR just don't develop for that platform.

At the end of the day, it's up to the customers to tell the companies one way or another that they are not happy with the product in which was sold to them.
kev987  +   911d ago
"the new Tomb Raider game looks abysmal, all online FPS multiplayers are the same"

Firstly have you even played the new Tomb Raider game? Have you seen any gameplay of it? It looks stunning.

Secondly wtf lol, so you're trying to say that an FPS like Deus ex is the same as Bioshock and Doom and Half Life and Halo??? They look the same because they are all in First Person... thats where the similarities end!

Needless to say after accusations like that I don't care for this guys opinion any more and didn't read the article.
ElSt3vo  +   911d ago
Yes actually I have, and that's how I know it's terrible because it wasn't a game. You would play 3 seconds of walking before a cinematic jumped in an did all of the borderline exciting stuff. So that craps on your point doesn't it?

And I specified online multiplayer and after playing and watching Warface, cod, halo 4, medal of honour and battlefield it is quite clear they are all the same and equally stupid.
NovaSethyr  +   911d ago
One of the only games I'm looking forward to this year. Should be awesome!

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