PS Vita gets a bunch of new game announcements from the East

The PS Vita is a great handheld and all, but where are all the interesting games? If you hear somebody say that today, point said chump in the direction of this here news story.

While scouring the interweb for juicy gossip, we came across a bunch of game release announcements from a range of sources. This isn't some concerted on-message push from Sony HQ, though - just a number of publishers revealing that they have faith in Sony's portable wonder.

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princejb1342120d ago

i havent bought a vita yet
but definitely buying one this holiday
it looks amazing and really looking forward to it

ps. i really hope developers support the vita and no custom piracy exist on it

avengers19782120d ago

The vita is really great, and the quality of the screen really shows when watching HD videos. The games are fun and look better then any hand held... I'm sure in a year or two there will be thousands of original vita games, and this holiday has some pretty good bundles for it. I think you'll be very happy with it.

PSN-avengers1978(of course)

guitarded772120d ago

@ princejb134

I think you got the right idea waiting for one of the holiday bundles (the Assassin's Creed bundle is pretty pimp). I got my Vita a couple of months after launch and have no regrets. LBP Vita is the best LBP game yet IMO, and Gravity Rush is one of the best new IP's of the year. With PlayStation mobile, and potential high holiday sales, we should see way more support coming the Vita's way. I think New Little King's Story comes out this Tuesday, and Ragnarok Odyssey comes out late in the month if you like Japaneses games. The Vita is still in its infancy, and I can already see the potential.

Blaze9292120d ago

I liked my Vita when I had it. I'm just waiting on a new model, hopefully with video output like they did the PSP-2000.

darkziosj2120d ago

that's all? go look at 3ds games in the TGS 2012 now that is a bunch of games

stragomccloud2120d ago

Who cares. As long as good games are coming, it shouldn't matter. After all, we only have so many hours in our lives to play games.

Since VITA is region free, it's a must have for me. There are a lot of games for 3DS in Japan, that may sadly not make it stateside. One game I really want to play is "Time Travelers." And although it is also available for VITA/PSP, 3DS really is my platform of choice, so I'd prefer a localized 3DS version.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232119d ago

looks like more shovelware on its way.

hoping my purchase of the Vita will be worth it at some point.


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RubyToTheMax2120d ago

Can't wait to smash some bugs!

TongkatAli2120d ago

Blind people: "Vita has no games".

GribbleGrunger2120d ago

If that's an attempt at sarcasm, I can only assume that it's badly framed. If that's an attempt at trolling, I can only assume it lacks originality.

TongkatAli2120d ago

How am I trolling? I'm making fun of the people who said the vita has no games.

GribbleGrunger2120d ago

I picked neither. Clearly it's badly couched sarcasm

rpd1232120d ago

That's not sarcasm at all. If anything it's irony.

DivineAssault 2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

If vita has no games, u must not be a gamer & have no place on this website jr.. Vita has games out & incoming that can be played by every type & if u dont fit, u aint it..

**EDIT** i didnt realize the sarcasm.. It seemed like u were calling people vita owners blind saying "vita has no games" my appologies

Axecution2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Im so confused over how anybody found TongkatAli's comment confusing

I actually... i actually don't get it. o.o

telekineticmantis2120d ago

Vita needs some full fledged, western, exclusive, hardcore games. The best games for Vita are Japanese.

telekineticmantis2120d ago

The fifth LBP. It's a great game, but I already have it on my PS3. Syphon Filter would be OK, because I can't really get that anywhere else, that's what I mean by exclusive.

eferreira2120d ago

not to mention assassins creed and silent hill

kupomogli2120d ago


So no longer do exclusives mean different stages, gameplay etc?

I can play Syphon Filter on my Vita. The two PSP games. Even if a new one was to be made it wouldn't be exclusive.

LBP Vita is a great game with different stages and features than the PS3 versions. The community created stages are also not going to be playable on the PS3 versions, although sadly, and I have no idea why, the community stages on the PS3 versions aren't playable on the Vita.

cpayne932120d ago

You can get syphon filter other places, two were made on the psp, excellent games I might add. It's the fourth lbp btw, and it sounds like the best one yet.

YoungPlex2120d ago

Oh snaps a port of the PS3 game Rainbow Moon is coming to Vita instead of making it a cross-game title... Next is a crappy attempt of a PS3/360 title RTS from Sega, Earth Defense Force 2017

The only game I'm even remotely interested in is the Action-RPG Ragnorok Odyssey, but even at that it's nothing special based on Japanese critics.

I'm sorry but the only game that's looking like the most promising handheld title of 2013 is Souls Sacrifice, and that doesn't even have a release date for the west yet.

I thought this was going going to be something good, which it may be for some, but isn't for me. Happy gaming everyone!

Ayabrea1232120d ago

Play something else and stop being a couch potato. On top of that, why would you take criticism to a buying decision. That's an opinion, not a fact. I'm just saying. The vita has games but people don't want to step out the comfort zone. Step out and try something new. I'm sure if you have one or don't, there are games you definitely did not play before or attempted. Do that

DivineAssault 2120d ago

Why do u speak on things u know nothing of? u think Soul Sacrifice is the only promising game for vita yet playing 15 yr old games is promising to u on 3ds? lol thats hilarious.. Mario land, kid icarus, & revelations are the only new games it has.. The rest are recycled games of decades past.. I know vita isnt appealing to an E rated game player so stick to what u like son... Maybe after u hit puberty, vita will seem more appealing to u with features a handheld in 2012 should have.. My phone has better looking games w way more features than 3ds.. RE is the ONLY new game on 3DS that isnt a family friendly cartoon.. Vita may get ports too but theyre CURRENT gen ports, not 15 yr old N64 games & w hint of ps2..

U should go back to the empty nintendo articles & speak among your brethren about the new mario & the pii u.. This area is for the big boys, & has nothing to do with the children toys u play with..

YoungPlex2120d ago

It's funny how defensive fan-boy's get on this sight and start attacking people just for their opinion. I get a nice laugh out of it.

Now if you excited for these games that's perfectly fine, but to attack an opinion is trolling at its best, so continue on showing what a big man you are!

Souls Sacrifice is the only game that looks promising to me and am disappointed the rout Sony has gone for Vita. I wanted original titles that utilize it's unique abilities and showcase its beautiful screen, not toned-down PS3 and DS ports! Hey, if your happy with shovel-where or games you could get on PS3 that's fine but not me. I'll wait till more original titles like Gravity Rush and Souls Sacrifice are available...

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