Nintendo and ELSPA Team to Battle DS Piracy

ELSPA is intent on stamping out piracy, it said in a statement to Next-Gen, as devices such as the R4 chip, which bypass the DS's security system allowing users to play pirated games illegally downloaded from the internet, continue to hamper software sales.

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e8t bit3664d ago

This applies to not only the DS, but all types of game pirating.

ITR3664d ago

I want my roms. I've never done it before but I do like the idea of 10-12 games on one SD card.

BloodySinner3664d ago

...resist the temptation!

meepmoopmeep3664d ago

it's a little too late i think. but it could help for future piracy. i admit i only buy games if the devs are respectable. i don't buy used games and i do have a couple roms for my daughters ds. but i do support the devs that make great games.

Bnet3433664d ago

I have an R4 chip HAHAHAHHAHA!

Kyrue3663d ago

There will always be piracy in the media/gaming industry. Too bad, so sad.