Will Nintendo Wii U App “TVii” Change The Way We Watch?

Kevin Fitzpatrick:

Technology remains ever-evolving, and the more time goes on the more integrated computer, TV and even video games become. Today, that integration takes a big step forward as Nintendo not only unveiled the launch, price, and features of its next-gen console Wii U, but also “TVii,” an innovative new way to both stream and control your favorite TV content right through the the system. But how does this fancy new gizmo change the way we watch TV, and is it worth the system’s price tag?

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claud32186d ago

Maybe, just wait and see and either enjoy it or hate it

cleft52186d ago

I think we don't have to wait and see because regardless, Microsoft and Sony, will now come out with a similar app that unites all the services on their platforms. In that way, it has already changed everything.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32186d ago

Well actually Apple has been doing this sort of thing with Airplay. But compared to the Wii U, it starts looking a little more disconnected and PS3/Vita-esque...

PopRocks3592186d ago

It's gotta be better than the 360's crappy FiOS app. Used it at a friend's house. It lagged behind his TV by about five minutes and would occasionally skip back to the intro of the show and then forward to where it was supposed to be. Not to mention the limited channel range. Never used Sony's service though. No real need to, so I can't form an opinion on that one.

But if it supports all channels and does what it says it does, then hell yeah it could. Especially for families who share the TV.

rpd1232186d ago

Why the hell would you use the app if you had the cable box right there?

PopRocks3592186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

I DON'T have a cable box right there, smart alec. And neither did my friend at the time. Did you ever consider that?

rpd1232186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

Well you said "it lagged behind his tv by about five minutes". What the hell does that mean other than you were checking the actual cable alongside it? Unless you just meant it was laggy in which case you need to work on conveying your message and word choice. If that's what you meant just say "it was laggy". I wasn't being a smart alec, dickhead.

corrus2186d ago

I don't think that will change something cos and PS3/360 have that thing from years to watch tv shows movies and sport

MySwordIsHeavenly2186d ago

It's already an app on Android and iOS. If anything, it's just following a trend...

Khordchange2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

depends, unless you have something like roku or apple tv(which no one does just by looking on the sales of both systems), its not possible. Plus its actually far more advanced than anything ive seen in terms of features

metroid322186d ago

Its amazing and the thing has zero lag its even faster than the tv.

AO1JMM2186d ago

We? maybe or maybe not but I will definitely use it.

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The story is too old to be commented.