What The Wii U Version Of 'Darksiders II' Says About The Future Of Nintendo RPGs

Erik Kain:

Darksiders II, Vigil Games’ dungeon-platformer adventure game has some role-playing elements in it, including a fairly basic inventory system.

I wouldn’t qualify the game as an RPG necessarily, but it’s certainly an adventure title that makes some use of RPG elements.

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BakedGoods2185d ago

Darksiders 2 is the sleeper GOTY of 2012.

ChickeyCantor2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

No it's not.
The story is terrible.

This is all you do :

-Go to person A
-Person A says: Find me 3 things and ill help you
-You return with 3 items, person A sends you to Person B.
-Person B does the exact same thing as A and sends you to C afterwards.
-And repeat until you reach end.

The game mechanics work, although the Camera could be annoying at times. But the way the story progresses is just dumb. I mean there is no progression. You simply collect stuff. Beat dungeons. And are send off to your next "quest" while the story just stagnates after the first 30 minutes.

Not to mention some obscure level designs that were not streamlined at all.

I could honestly just give it a 6.5/10 .

Drainage2184d ago

sounds like Darksiders 1 which is why i never finished

ChickeyCantor2184d ago

Actually Darksiders stoy was actually good compared to this one. The first one gave you a reason to go places.

This time around you're just going from A to B being everyones bitchboy.

LX-General-Kaos2185d ago

After reading this well written article, it has become quite clear that the way we will control rpgs in the future will change forever when played on the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system. I can imagine most devs going for the clear HUD, inventory management on the game pad approach. Which is something that I personally welcome with open arms. I have never been a fan of a cluttered screen, which I believe draws away from my Elite gaming experience.

There are soo many different unique innovations that can push rpgs to new unexplored heights with the tablet like control functions. Streamlined single button battle systems, easier spell and item management, and much more. Even for a title like Metal Gear. One could have a codec convo on the game pad without interruption of gameplay on the main screen above. Endless possibility.

Rated E For Everyone

Blastoise2184d ago

Streamlined single button battle systems? Like final fantasy 13 you mean?

No thanks

Bimkoblerutso2184d ago are not Blastoise...

Blastoise2184d ago

What a terribly pointless comment to make.

@ Disagrees
No, you're right. Final fantasy 13's battle system was the best in the series. Single button battle systems are the future!

HarryMasonHerpderp2184d ago


Not sure why you're getting so many disagrees for not liking streamlined single button systems lol

People must like things noobed up.

Dark112185d ago

Yes we need more RPG's for the wii U!
I don't want to play only Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U

Moerdigan2185d ago

The tablet controller might remind developers that personal single player experience is still valid. when everything is trying to focus on multiplayer nowadays, that makes me hopeful for future WiiU games.

cleft52184d ago

I really hope Mistwalker Studio, they made Last Odyssey and Blue Dragon, does a jrpg for the WiiU or we get a Monolith, they made XenoBlade Chronicles, jrpg for the WiiU. If the WiiU becomes the home of the jrpg/rpg I would truly love that. Having Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on WiiU means the console will sale insanely well in Japan. So hopefully we see a lot of jrpg support for the system.

YoungKingDoran2184d ago

monolith are making a new wiiu rpg.
im excited
concept art:

cleft52184d ago

That looks amazing, I hope it gets a proper localization for the West.

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