FIFA Soccer 13 Review

Tech-Gaming's Robert Allen "Elevated by a substantial inventory of engaging play modes and options, this year’s FIFA is a must for any footie fan."

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JRPGLuva1879d ago

Footie sounds like someone who has a weird fetish to me ;)

I might need to try the demo now.

madmad1879d ago

FIFA is one of the few sports games I can get into. Glad to see they nailed it this year.

RaptorMan1879d ago

So the outage during FUT, is that a new thing this year or has it already been like that?

sharpsword1879d ago

Hopefully, I can pick it up for $30 or so around Black Friday. By that time they'll get the online kinks out.

mediastudies1879d ago

Truly 'better with Kinect'?

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