IGN: Kontrolfreek's FPS Freek Prototype Hands-On

"Last year, a startup in the gaming accessory biz, kontrolfreek, showed us prototypes of a controller add-on concept designed to offer gamers with standard control pads a degree of extra precision and touch in driving games. We liked the design and concept, and were stoked when the product finally came to market as the speedfreek (review) . As such, when the company invited us to test a new prototype add-on designed for FPS titles we were happy to oblige."

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Bolts3755d ago

Looks unconfortable as hell and in COD 4 you must frequently press down on the left stick to sprint.

As far as third party controlers goes the best FPS third party controler is still the FragFX. Thats about as close to mouse movements as you can possibly get.

FirstknighT3755d ago

Makes sense. I'll give it a try. And to Fanboi....the FragFX is for noobs.

okcomputer3755d ago

^^ lol frag fx is for noobs, yet you'll try this thing out. If one add on is for noobs, then shouldn't they all be for noobs?

FirstknighT3755d ago

Well no because I'm still using the controller. The FragFX is pretty much a PC control scheme. If you can't hang with the controller than go back to PC gaming.

okcomputer3754d ago

Whatever, if you want to be an elitist about it and call people noobs then you should just be consistent and call anyone who uses any add on a noob. It doesn't matter if you're still using a controller or not, both this add on and the frag fx supposedly give better control and accuracy.

kontrolfreek3754d ago

yeah I dont think using an add on makes you a noob, most products that are add ons are their to help you. Our products are not training wheels for noobs, but can help noobs just as much as professionals. Comebakdan one of the top rated racers in forza 2 uses our product and won the Nissan Sponsored forza tourny with our product, is he a noob, no, he is an A class driver. Anyway, please dont knock it til you try it, we have a MLG team using some prototypes right now and they all 4 say it improved their game. Thanks