Director Talks New Mortal Kombat Movie

Filmmaker mink, attached to direct the third installment – or is it a reboot? - of the "Mortal Kombat" movie series

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DarkSniper3691d ago

As long is this isnt directed by Uwe Boll, Dark Sniper has high hopes for this movie.


TheWickedOne3690d ago

I wouldn't hope to high. I did sorta enjoyed the first one.

davez823691d ago

lol serious? we'll i'd see it just to have a laugh.

marionz3690d ago

Movies made from games suck, and this one surely will suck just like streetfighter will suck, games should just stay as great games and great movies as movies.

Panthers3690d ago

Movies based on games suck because they change the story every single time. That never made sense to me. When a movie is based on a book, the story is not changed. In fact it is nearly copied word for word. They need to keep the original story (although for MK the first movie did that and that is why it was ok)

Anyhoo, I really like the first Mortal Kombat when I was a kid. I see it now and it is funny how many stupid one liners there are and the story has a lot of holes.

LastDance3690d ago

Mortal kombat 1 was great for its time. The story was decent..likeable actors etc etc.

The 2nd one...why is it so bad? the ninjas talk haha..rain dies because he killed Kabal and stryker to fast? HAHA...

how did they go SO wrong.

Hopefully this new installment will follow MK1.

Bleucrunch3690d ago

I love the movie and I loved the series that they had on cable bring it alllll back.

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The story is too old to be commented.