Tomb Raider “completely unchanged” after rape controversy

Crystal Dynamics have not changed a single element of Tomb Raider’s story after it attracted criticism at E3, says art director Brian Horton.

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TopDudeMan1996d ago

I'm fed up hearing about this, I dunno about everyone else, but we're talking about an unreleased video game and everything must be taken into the context of playing the game.

floetry1011996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Oh wait, you mean the game that was written by a woman and thus has no actual misogyny?

How is this even still an issue?

dalibor1995d ago

There was a user that had a username of butterfinger who had like the same avatar as yours if I recall. Weird

floetry1011995d ago

Oh wow, cool to note. I just checked his profile so thanks for the heads up. The avatar is a hip-hop artist called MF Doom, who dons a mask at all times. I'm a big, big fan. Useless trivia I know, but it's good to know that there are more out there on N4G.

dalibor1994d ago

Ah makes sense now. I'm pretty sure MF Doom collaberated with Danger Mouse thus I think it was called DangerDoom. I'm pretty sure I have a song from the duo. I will check more of their songs as the one that I have is good.

Zechs341996d ago

Thank you! I hate these whiners attempting to change the artistic views of professionals.

I didnt like The Avengers so I will cry until they re-release MY perfect version.

I only like 1 Kanye West song so he needs to back to the studio just for me!

Jesus, vote with your damn wallets instead of signing fake petitions which will do absolutely nothing but create needless controversy for our medium.

Vitalogy1996d ago

I couldn't put it in better words. This is JUST A GAME for god sake, we see the same crap on movies (or even worst) everytime.

MikeMyers1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

A lot of people grew up playing video games, so it only makes sense to have games aimed at a more mature audience. Rape is not something a lot of us even like talking about but it is unfortunately something that happens. If Crystal Dynamics can do it in a sensitive manner and use it in the context of the Lara Croft character then by all means they should envision the game they set out to make.

Sometimes violence in gaming can lead it to being desensitized, I don't think we want that to apply to rape. So it's best to wait and see how this is applied in Tomb Raider and why they decided to put it in there.

NYC_Gamer1996d ago

I'm happy they stood up against censorship

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The story is too old to be commented.