Must Have Features For Next Gen Consoles

Non-Fiction Gaming staff list the features they require from next generation console gaming. What do you want from next gen consoles?

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NoFanboyRequired2180d ago

*Must have features for next gen consoles. #5893*

These articles are getting annoying...

camel_toad2180d ago

I have to totally agree on the modding comment. Modding is what leads to some of the best gameplay in the pc scene.

It gives people with great ideas but missed opportunities the chance to show great and new ideas, Counter-Strike just being one of many examples.

Allsystemgamer2180d ago

The main problems with console moddin is the tech limitations. But other than that why not?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Won't happen. dlc sells millions.
Unless they charge for it like MS did minecraft skins.

Also most console gamers don't request it because it never been a part of console gaming.

on top of that corporation control the platforms & games are getting more expensive to make.

Console gaming is not about long life games. Buy the game, buy dlc pre order sequel is the rule.

Steam is like a whole nother world. Game devs and corporations like valve encourage user content.

Good to have big game company that doesn't have to answer to shareholders.

This what game companies would do in an alternate reality.

camel_toad2180d ago

Yeh I definitely agree it won't ever happen but it sure would be nice. I think it would change consoles for the better.

DivineAssault 2180d ago

console modding would be nice for nx gen.. I do think sony should stick with the blu rays tho, possibly blu ray XL discs.. It will of course need a faster blu-ray for reading the discs..
& upgradeable HDD is a must these days.. be nice to upgrade ram too..

The wii u will use some form of friend code system from what ive read so thats that in the online area for em... As long as u can actually talk in multiplayer games using headsets, i really dont care.. Just make it easy to communicate & play with ppl online...

aLucidMind2180d ago

It would be interesting if you could download a mod on a website, plug the flash drive into the XBox/PS4, and be able to upload and save it on there. I'm sure it isn't much different than DLC, but I don't know anything about PC modding so I'm not sure how it would work getting PC mods to save and function properly on XBox/PS4.

G33K2180d ago

Huge hard drives, great exclusives, more focus on games and gamers and less focus on Twitter and Facebook integration, graphics that can rival pcs for at least 3-4 years, Modding (maybe but ill accept it if not), backwards compatibility, and a fantastic multiplayer. Reply to me if I forgot something.

aLucidMind2180d ago

Less console/PC fanboys going on about how their system is superior. We get it, you have no life and must put other people down for purchasing a console you don't like for the sole reason of enjoying video games.

But, since that won't happen, perhaps the ability for all DLC and achievements/trophies to carry over and not just making an entirely different network. That way anyone who bought DLC won't be screwed over if their HDD gets corrupted or something. While I'm sure XBox Live and PSN will not have their marketplaces dumped and replaced, I still consider it something worth worrying about.

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