Molyneux: “I’m on a quest to make a truly great game”

Peter Molyneux has been talking about how he considers nothing he has worked on before to be the truly great game he is capable of creating, and that the smartphone space that 22 Cans is working in is ripe for innovation because the majority of smartphone games are “plainly shit.”

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2179d ago
DigitalAnalog2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Despite being criticized in all fronts, I'm still surprised how positive his outlook is when he develops games. Regardless if you like his games or not, it's this passion that makes him as developer that makes him so strangely enticing. Personally, I believe this guy is just too old-school for modern times. Here's hoping for the next syndicate/b&w.

ATi_Elite2179d ago

I would love to have another legendary awe inspiring game but i doubt it will be from Pete M.

Good that he is trying, he makes some good games but he lacks vision and innovation to create something Legendary.


I liked fable 1 and 2 and black and white but since then it just died, im hoping this move is for the better

Spenok2179d ago

I agree, his tenacity is inspiring. However his games just never turn out to be what he says they will. And then after a year or two he even comes out and calls his own games "Rubbish" (Fable 2 to be specific). Which in my opinion is just the opposite.

He has high hopes and dreams, and just about never delivers on them. Which can get tiring. However I enjoy his games enough to keep playing them in hopes he will learn or one day deliver.

While his games are never what he says they will be, they are at least enjoyable enough give a go. I just hope one day he gives us what he says he is.

Godmars2902179d ago

His outlook has always been "good."

Its his ability to deliver, that he often talks up things in a game which will never be in it, that's his problem.

turgore2179d ago

Delusional much. You didn't make a good game for almost a decade.

Bon Scott2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

How many of you posters actually play fable games?
A few of you maybe.........sure.
I see a buttload of crap opinions on this guy.
I bet 80% of the clowns in here bashing Peter are N4g Playstation trolls now aren't you:(
Fable 2 got game of the year!!!!!!
Well Uncharted 2 got game of the year too.
Oh but that's different because it was a Sony game lol.

Double standards children.Silly site!

I hope this guy comes out with another great series and keeps em coming.

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claud32179d ago

He is boring and a lost guy.... just leave the industry or sit in the corner

Lucretia2179d ago

for real, he has been trying to make a good game for over half a decade, He fails

richierich2179d ago

I thought he retired from LionHead studios did I just imagine that?

LewisDenby2179d ago

What gave you the impression that he hadn't? Heck, even the blurb here refers to his new company.

Spenok2179d ago

Lewis is right, though it's not entirely obvious.

He has a new company making making a cell phone game called 22 Cans.

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