Atari Brings Retro to Windows 8

The Windows 8 marketing campaign has begun, with that tile based user interface (UI) creeping into social consciousness quicker than any operating system (OS) ever before. This is of course in part thanks to the adoption of the UI by Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360, but it’s also due to the backing of many socially aware brands, the latest of which is videogames giant Atari.

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dirthurts2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

Atari Games, the biggest selling point of Windows 8...
The innovation is simply overwhelming.

AO1JMM2115d ago

It doesn't always have to be "innovative."

dirthurts2115d ago

I love Windows, but Windows 8 isn't what people are asking for.
Perhaps elderly folks who can't find the internet button, or tablet owners, but the rest of us(power users, workers, engineers, web developers) are being abandoned. The new os is terrible for anything remotely productive.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

windows 8 only gets performance right. Jumping back and forth from desktop to metro is awful because you have no choice.

Why would you like a tablet os on desktop?

Apple is smarter than them..

They customize your experience for phone and customize your experience for mac. They didn't take osx and ios and cram them together into all devices..

taquito2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )


lol....crappy ports of ps3 games with ever MORE jaggies and even SHITTIER framerates and last gen graphics like ps3, vita's biggest selling point

dirthurts2114d ago

dude, what are you smoking?
We're talking about Windows 8 over here...
ride your magic carpet back to wherever you flew from.

3GenGames2115d ago

So Windows 8 is as good as my browser or my emulators in MAME or even my browser for those games? Great to know, that's awesome.

ninjahunter2115d ago

Windows 8 is primarily a PC platform. You might want to go about showing that this doesn't much up gaming, modding and file management before you go about seducing little kids with wealthy parents.

Xof2115d ago

Isn't it too soon for Windows 8? I mean, I feel like I only -just- broke free of Vista to get Winny 7.