Resident Evil 6 - Sexy alternate outfits

Capcom are naturally planning several downloadable costume packs for their soon to be released Resident Evil 6, here’s a look at some of the females.


It has been reported that these outfits can also be unlocked in the game. The review build by default possibly has these disabled hence the original assumption. That said, Capcom hasn't confirmed whether the on-disc outfits will also be made available via DLC as well.

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Carl_Shocker2186d ago

lol...DLC, seriously

Remember when you just unlocked them after you had finished the game

-Mika-2186d ago

Sigh carl... These are unlockable ouffits you earn via the game. Not DLC.

Carl_Shocker2186d ago

"Capcom are naturally planning several downloadable costume packs"



-Mika-2186d ago

Ya but there are serveal unlockable costumes in-game. So what is the problem?

Mikefizzled2186d ago

This website obviously made it up since I have unlocked most of them already. Its just a stab at CAPCOM for something thats not got any truth.

Hicken2186d ago

The point, poor Mika, is that, back in the day, they didn't charge you for ANY DLC. And the stuff they're now SELLING to you AS DLC used to be included in the game, and unlockable in various ways.

They may well be unlockable in-game, but whaddaya wanna bet they're gonna advertise it as DLC- because they'll be selling it as such- so people will assume that's the only way to get it, and thus spend money on something they could have gotten for free?

crxss2186d ago

like previous RE games, there's going to be unlockable costumes AS WELL as DLC costumes. this can't be that difficult to understand guys.

zerocrossing2185d ago

Mika, you are spot on there.

I will say this though, the costumes you unlock in game may well become available to purchase via DLC to anyone who is willing to pay.

It's great Capcom have provided us unlockables though, a tiny step in the right direction is better than no step at all I suppose.

hkgamer2185d ago

why do people complain so much?

there are a few that is unlockable so isn't that the same as what RE has done before?
shouldn't fans be thanking capcom because they have more choices of unlockable costumes?

times have changed, game prices have stayed roughly the same but inflation and other things forces wages to go higher and higher. Unless there is a change in game prices and structure then we will have normal game price plus DLC charges.

Multiplayer used to be free but MS has made you pay for it like dlc.

TheBlackSmoke2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

You crybaby's need to get the hell over dlc and stop acting like its a new thing capcom just started recently.

where the hell have you been this gen? pretty much EVERY game has DLC whether its minor or major is not the point. If it offends you so much then just quit gaming.

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Cpt Jack House2186d ago

These are, in fact, available on disc.

Nimblest-Assassin2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

Ok... lets change the subject

Is it just me... or does Sherry's default costume in China look a lot like Nathan Drake's desert clothes?
She's even rocking the half-tuck

Oh... and @[email protected] at cop helena in the menu... really capcom?

Silly gameAr2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

She has the half tuck and everything lol. Could be a nod to the series. Who knows?

Lord_Sloth2186d ago

Hmm...You got owned by Mika of all members. This makes me laugh.

Yes, there will be DLC, but these costumes are not DLC. They are on the disc and simply have to be unlocked.

edwoods2185d ago

Why put sexy outfits in a game thats suppose to have a serious and gritty tone. Thats like putting sexy outfit in saving private ryan. When will the gaming industry have some fucking integrity

Bloodraid2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

Silent Hill and Fatal Frame send their regards.

Silent Hill 3 Alternative Costumes

Silent Hill 4 Alternative Costumes

Fatal Frame 2 Alternative Costumes


But you know, it's just cool to hate on Capcom right now, so it's perfectly acceptable to pretend that they're the only ones doing it...

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RivetCityGhoul2186d ago

HAHA reto ada. i gotta admit thats kinda cool lol. a blocky character running around thats gonna be funny. they need to bring tofu back though.

banjadude2186d ago

Nice to see they added a Retro Helena, even though she wasn't in any of the previous games.

Imalwaysright2186d ago

Kojima did something similar with MGS4 but it was just the face camo and i thougt it was pretty cool. Dont understand why there is a retro Helena though.

zerocrossing2185d ago

"Don't shoot! Im human!" yells the tofu, that cracked me up lol.

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Mikefizzled2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

These are in the game. -_-
To unlock the any of them you need to get at least an A rank in their standard costume. So far I have RPD Helena, Pirate Leon, Roman Chris and Schoolgirl Sherry. However I haven't unlocked a retro character yet.
Shouldn't have made it past pending really.

HiddenMission2186d ago

I was wondering if Leon has his RPD uniform in part 6? If so can you play with it in the story campaigns?

Baka-akaB2186d ago

LOl arent people tired of gobbling up everything they read , just because they wanna vent about capcom ?

Myst2186d ago

It's the new hip thing in a way. :/

Myst2186d ago

Lol not gonna lie I would probably play through using the retro ones for fun.

Lucretia2186d ago

On Solo Mode with Retro on Hard. HELL YES!

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