MOH Warfighter beta Confirmed for october 5th

Major nelson confirmed on his show the beta comes out october 5th during an interview.

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Godchild10202001d ago

To me, this is more like a demo. Who has a beta 18 days before release? How much can get done within 18 days? Im still going to give it a try, but Im really buying it for the SP.

xPhearR3dx2001d ago

Considering its open to everyone with no use of redemption codes it will be a great stress test for their servers. Not to mention in smaller issues including server side stuff. They could easily get a patch out by launch or shortly after.

bubblebeam2001d ago


True. It will do their servers well. Resistance 3 did the same thing and released a patch day 1.

Sadly, if their are any major glitches, they won't be resolved day 1 most likely.
Gears of War 3 had a very good beta. went for a month about 5 months before release, so maps were actually changed and had parts added to them to stop bottle-neck points.

As long as people have fun in the beta it will be alright. Though if there are any exploits, I'm sure the ultra mature gaming crowd won't abuse them.........

InsaneGam3r2001d ago

The beta shouldn't be exclusive.

xPhearR3dx2001d ago

Why? PS3 got AC Brotherhood beta and 360/PC users didn't.

paddystan2001d ago

Because all plattforms do have bugs (no game is bug-free) so why can't both PC, PS3 and X360 gamers help find bugs for their plattform?

IIC0mPLeXII2001d ago

AC Brotherhood shouldn't of had multiplayer to begin with. Big deal, we got a beta for a shitty experience.

mafiahajeri2001d ago

Yes but do yOu see anyone saying that ac should have been exclusive to ps3

Parappa2001d ago

Meh. The last game sucked (especially the multiplayer). This one doesn't look any better.

iistuii2001d ago

Agree about MP, but it was mainly because the maps were miles too small. People spawned on one side & could snipe the other side of the map, ridiculous.

mafiahajeri2001d ago

Saw this at a game expo and didn't even bother it looked so bad!

Zha1tan2000d ago

Looks Crap, like any other EA product

SpitFireAce852000d ago

The Only way i will get this game is from one of those early
prorder deals like newegg or amazon.Where you get a $20
credit for another game or straight up savings with a promo

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