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Submitted by john2 1155d ago | news

Mass Effect Trilogy Will Not Include All DLCs Released

DSOGaming writes: "Now this is big bummer for all those interested in the upcoming trilogy package of Mass Effect. BioWare has updated the official website of Mass Effect Trilogy, stating that most of the SP missions that were released in the form of DLCs won’t be featured in this so called ‘complete’ package. Which really sucks because that was something we were all hoping for." (Mass Effect Trilogy Compilation, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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wishingW3L  +   1155d ago
oh well... I wonder how the PS3 version of the first Mass Effect will turn out since they'll probably have to make it with the new Engine just like they did with Mass Effect 2.
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crxss  +   1155d ago
no DLC? then why buy?
StanSmith  +   1155d ago
Exactly what crXss said.

It's a pointess release. You can get all 3 for less than the trilogy set. EA/Bioware adding DLC to this would have added value to the package, which would have increased sales without a doubt.

Now, it's just a different box. EA cashgrabbing again!
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crxss  +   1155d ago

very pointless indeed. just EA/BioWare milking its games
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Laxman  +   1155d ago
For people who havent played/purchased them yet... the games are still AMAZING without the DLC.
hay  +   1155d ago
Had the interest in buying Mass Effect Trillogy. Aaaaand it's gone.
john2  +   1155d ago
precisely that. The collection should include the SP DLC missions, plain and simple
HeavenlySnipes  +   1155d ago
They said it won't come with ALL the DLC, it may come with some; and for PS3 users we can't go and just buy Mass Effect 1 individually
MikeMyers  +   1155d ago
I really don't get this package and what purpose it serves other than trying to get a quick sale before Christmas. Why not just wait for a real collector's package with all the DLC and make it so that the PS3 is also simultaneous with the others?

They release the first two on the PC and Xbox 360 first and then Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 at a later date. Which is understandable since there was an exclusive agreement at the time and EA didn't own Bioware yet. Then Mass Effect 3 comes out on all three platforms at the same time. Now only part 3 is coming to the Wii U, and to coincide with that they decided to offer a bundle pack with no DLC for only the PC and Xbox 360? No wonder those guys left Bioware, EA doesn't know what they are doing.
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J_Cob  +   1155d ago

On the Mass Effect website they said you'll be able to buy ME1 on PSN for $15 if you so desire.

"Will the original Mass Effect be available as a standalone game on PlayStation 3?

Yes, the original Mass Effect will be available as a standalone digital title through the PlayStation Network for $14.99. It will release the same day as the Mass Effect Trilogy on PlayStation 3."
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BongSmack  +   1155d ago
You can't get all 3 for less than the trilogy set. Separately they come to $80 definitley not cheaper than the $60 for the trilogy.
Anyone who doesn't already have the games and wants them. This is a no brainer. if I'm wrong please explain.
badz149  +   1155d ago
pfft...why am I not surprised?
although it's understandable that this is s collection, not GoTY edition or such! but man...I was a bit hoping that they will include all the DLCs just for fan service! they've made money off each game already by now and this is a chance to get extra revenue and they might as well "give" something and both EA and customers win! but that was clearly NAIVE!
Neoninja  +   1155d ago
Wow that freaking sucks. I can understand about not having it in Mass Effect 3, but the other two really should come with all the story dlc included!
Now this makes me wonder if it was Biowares choice not to include it or EA.
bubblebeam  +   1155d ago
I knew it wouldn't. It is just another cheap EA cash in. Just like they won't update the PS3 version of ME:1 or the Xbox 360 version of ME:2.

Have you seen all the DLC for ME:2? they wan't people to buy it all up. Never like EA's "complete" editions. They hardly ever include the DLC you are looking for if not none at all. DA:Origins is a classic example.
Red_Orange_Juice  +   1155d ago
For me its not a big problem as I havent play ME yet, its all new content for me. It's not one game in Goty Ed, its 3 games, 3 trophy sets.
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Knight_Crawler  +   1155d ago
You do know that you can get the 3 games cheaper if you buy them individually right?

But go ahead and give EA your hard earned money.
john2  +   1155d ago
gotta agree with Knight_Crawler: Yeap, all ME games were on various sales, so you could easily purchase them for less
BongSmack  +   1155d ago
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Lord_Sloth  +   1155d ago
This is unsurprising.
Enmson  +   1155d ago
I'll wait for the Mass Effect Trilogy complete edition then :P
bubblebeam  +   1155d ago
I don't see the point in the trilogy. You can get all of them separate for less. The only thing people wanted was the DLC.

Missed opportunity. Maybe if they didn't release over 9000 dlc's we wouldn't have this problem.
BongSmack  +   1155d ago
xXBlondieVanHarlowXx  +   1155d ago
F**k -______________-"

lol oh well :b gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme!!!
AdmiralSnake  +   1155d ago
I have almost all the DLC... this doesn't bother me one bit. Still a bit stupid to call this a trilogy and not include everything... still a good deal I guess when you think about it.
aPerson  +   1155d ago
It's cheaper to buy ME1, ME2 complete edition and ME3 separately than it is to buy this collection + the all the marketplace DLC. Bad move, BiowarEA.
shivvy24  +   1155d ago
i never played the mass effect games so it would be better to do what you listed instead of buying the trilogy
BongSmack  +   1155d ago
Wintersun616  +   1155d ago
shivvy24  +   1155d ago
got MILK ?
sashimi  +   1155d ago
Might as well just wait til PS3's ME1 is available by itself and buy ME2+ME3 used at low price + all dlc. It'll most likely be cheaper then this Trilogy without dlc lol
BongSmack  +   1155d ago
That's probably true if you get them used.
NegativeCreep427  +   1155d ago
Is this development because of EA trying to scrounge every penny they can?
Or is it because the "Complete" trilogy, with all DLC included, couldn't be packed into less than three discs for Xbox 360 and therefore Microsoft's "Parity" policy has affected EA's publishing decision on this trilogy package?
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LinLeigh  +   1155d ago
Didn't they announce it was going to be 5 discs?
NegativeCreep427  +   1155d ago
If it included all the DLC, the Xbox 360 version would then include 6-8 discs. Pretty damn excessive for a "current-gen" title.
john2  +   1155d ago
Well, they could at least provide premium codes (with the package) for those who purchase it to download the DLCs
Tru_Blu  +   1155d ago
They could have at least put a code in the box to download it.
Knight_Crawler  +   1155d ago
Yeah lets blame MS and give EA a free ride -_-

Lets also blame MS for world hunger.
Kaos_Vll  +   1155d ago
dude, this has nothing to with MS. I'm not a fan of MS at all, but to lay this at their door is just stupid.
v0rt3x  +   1155d ago
Ofcourse it doesn't include all DLC. That would've been too much to ask for from EA.
dalibor  +   1155d ago
Is there a lot dlc for the Mass Effect games? Some comments stated that there was. But how much? I ask because I have not played any of them yet. Any help is welcome and I will +bubble for the info
baldulf  +   1155d ago
In ME1 there are two DLC and only one is worth it.

In ME2 they went crazy with at least four DLC that are relevant in the next game (and a lot of armor/weapons DLC)

In ME3 there is already one important and another in the making, but I don't care anymore.

You need to spent a lot of money if you want to play the whole story.
dalibor  +   1155d ago
Now I see. Thanks. Will rep you a bubble :)
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IIC0mPLeXII  +   1155d ago
Yeah EA can blow me. Be getting ME1 off psn, thanks anyway guys, keep up the greed and dumbing down franchises.

in before Dead Space trilogy collection without dlc.
ChunkyLover53  +   1155d ago
You'll sure show them! Not like buying ME1 digitally doesn't give them the same money.......
azshorty2003  +   1155d ago
More. Digital games have higher profit margins thanks to lack of packaging.
IIC0mPLeXII  +   1155d ago
Yeah because spending 14 dollars is like spending 60 dumbass.
shivvy24  +   1155d ago
well i havent played any mass effect , i wasnt hooked on the ME3 demo ! is it worth the buy ?
Pretzel   1155d ago | Spam
jd666  +   1155d ago
jd666  +   1155d ago
What have they got against their fans? Seems all they do lately is make decisions that they know will annoy the hell out of them, They're well aware of how vocal they can be when angry on the forums, Is it some kind of test or a bet? Or do they just simply NOT CARE? Glad I'm not a fan although I would've considered buying a complete edition when it was cheap to see what all the fuss is about this game
Lucreto  +   1155d ago
I would understand not having all the dlc for ME3 but the other 2 games is not on.

I bet they won't include any dlc for ME2 on the PS3 even though it contained it all on the disc.
Mithan  +   1155d ago
That killed it for me.

I was going to buy this again JUST for having all DLC in one package, instead of getting it everywhere. I hate the BioWare site that dishes out the DLC and don't trust it long term for being around. Hell, some of the DLC can not be picked up already.

THis is why people use piracy.
Darth Stewie  +   1155d ago
Damn looks like I ain't buying the trilogy set. I will just buy ME1 off PSN. I was hoping it came with the DLC because I haven't bought Leviathan and than I would not have to but the upcoming Omega DLC.
baldulf  +   1155d ago
LOL Bioware.

What's the point of the trilogy then? Keep milking fans into buying more DLC?
Kaos_Vll  +   1155d ago
can't wait for this company to fold as they are now a plague on the industry.

small bit of advice, buy a used 360 and get all 3 games used. as cheap as 360's are there is no reason not to own one as there really are some good exclusives on the 360. i say buy one used if you dislike MS and don't want to give them any money but still want access to a few good games.

btw, for those who haven't played it ME1 is THE best one in the series and no cut scene will equal it.
trouble_bubble  +   1155d ago
No DLC? wtf. Lair of the Shadow Broker and the Prothean DLC should be mandatory. Even the Kasumi DLC. Otherwise she won't appear in ME3. Heck, the Prothean DLC was free with the ME3 collectors edition, why not here? Javik > Vega.
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user9841288  +   1155d ago
because ppl pay for it so they do it. That's how things work
Drumsmasher   1155d ago | Bad language | show
MrDead  +   1155d ago
This was a no brainer purchase for me until now.
GrahamGolden  +   1155d ago
Drumsmasher CoD is a hello kitty game compared to BF3 and even dare saying for 2012 standards that cod is better makes u look an idiot pure an simple...go back to that 1 pixel trash

bf3 is the best online shooter today and the awards proof that nuff said
pandehz  +   1155d ago
I thought the whole Idea was to get the entire experience

But then its EA so I kinda had a feeling there was a catch somewhere
user9841288  +   1155d ago
EA makes everything awesome! Let's all support them forever cause it'll make gaming great...
GrahamGolden  +   1155d ago
seriously tho at least for ME2 not all dlc's are needed
they SHOULD have add kasumi,zaeed and arrival,shadow broker and overlord....the rest are pointless
trouble_bubble  +   1155d ago
For being such a charachter driven story, any DLC that introduced a new playable charachter shoulda been included. Zaeed, Kasumi, Javik, Liara -her only playable appearance in ME2 being Lair of the Shadow Broker-

ME3 without Javik's social commentary ain't the same. He had more cutscenes and dialogue in ME3 than any returning ME2 charachter save for Mordin. Zaeed, Kelly, Miranda, Thane, Jacob, Legion, Grunt, Samara, Kasumi...probably combined.
Romudeth  +   1155d ago
So much for this being a "complete collection".
LAWSON72  +   1155d ago
Well what do you expect from ea
Bon Scott  +   1155d ago
thank god i got 1,2,3 for the 360 with all DLC
People still can you know if they have the right console:)

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