5 Games You Need To Support On Steam Greenlight

Ever since Steam released their Greenlight project it has been a roaring success with over 800 games currently in voting. So far only 1 game has been released while 9 others have been approved. With all of these games up for votes it is hard to wade through the massive pileup of games for the ones you want. We have assembled a list of 5 games currently on Steam Greenlight that we feel deserve your support.

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OneAboveAll1880d ago

AirBuccaneers was an Unreal 2K4 mod then ported to UT3 as a mod and now it's a full game?

I would green light that but i'v played a crap tone of it over the years.

Surprised Blackspace isn't on that list.


Jaydepps1880d ago

There are so many good games on Steam Greenlight right now. It is really hard to narrow down a list to just 5 games. Forge is another great Steam Greenlight project.

SilentNegotiator1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Ya ask me, seeing all of these free mods trying to get on greenlight while people are trying to get their original ground-up made games on there to make some indie money...kind of annoying.

Leave mods to torrent sites and let indie devs get a shot at being greenlit.

JRocSupreme1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

These weren't really in any order, we just picked 5 that we thought Greenlit. We also did a story about Blackspace the other day. Here you go:

Klopek1880d ago

I can't believe The Pinball Arcade is having to go through the greenlight process. The PC version is finished and the game is released for most other platforms already. It's a proven product!

beerkeg1880d ago

Day One: Garry’s Incident looks quite interesting, very Indiana Jonesy.

turgore1880d ago

Sorry mate. Wanted to hit agree, but my mouse slipped.

beerkeg1880d ago

That's ok, I've done it myself a few times lol.