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Luke Halliday writes:

"Sony’s latest model of their PlayStation 3 console may seem somewhat redundant given the fact that they previously released a slim version of console a mere 2 and half years ago, but it is still an admirable attempt to correct the issues with the previous incarnations of the machine. Though is it worth tossing your old PS3 consoles out the window into oncoming traffic and upgrading to the super slim model?"

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LinkageAX1972d ago

Does it survive a kinetics test, outside a window and onto the pavement?

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koga881971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Mmm, from the sounds of this all they did was make it a lot smaller, but then they also used cheaper plastic and parts. I'm going to be perfectly fine with my normal Slim, no reason to drop the extra money on this Super Slim.

dalibor1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Well if your Ps3 is working fine than you shouldn't even be thinking of upgrading. Unless you want multiple Ps3s. I for one like the sliding door mechanism. Your game will never get stuck and has no chance of the disk tray getting jammed. My fat Ps3 sometimes won't eject a game and won't let me insert a game at times. Don't know why haha. Could be it's about to die. But less moving parts is usually a good thing. But even this open sliding lid probably has problems of it's own. Nothing is perfect.

NoFanboyRequired1971d ago

Its downgrading, not upgrading. I like the first slim so much better. And then i like the phat in the #1 spot because it has a hell of a lot more features in it.

koga881971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Yeah I won't be upgrading as long as my slim works fine as it is. I know a few people though who always want the latest version of anything, even with the PSP they bought each one that came out, which was a bit of a shame with the PSPGO. After looking at a few videos and seeing how that sliding door is though, it looks very flimsy and cheap. Not sure if I would trust that to work for a long time without tape or something to hold it in place.

donman11971d ago


I fully agree with you. I also have the slim version and do not see the need to trade in for this one. Plus, come on Sony... its 2012 and still no HDMI cable. Not smart at all.

frostypants1971d ago

Yeah, my PS3 fat died and I just bought one of the old slims instead of this. The super-slim is cheaply built. It's not an upgrade at all.

young7yang1971d ago

what does he mean by faster?????

how much faster???

Qrphe1971d ago

Same here, what does it mean?

dalibor1971d ago

Probably booting up the system and when the game is loaded the disk can be read faster. At least that's what I think was meant.

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