Tokyo Jungle's Biggest Fumbles

Tokyo Jungle could have been a beast of an underdog hit, but it stumbled through the gate with a series of lukewarm reviews and less buzz than an abandoned bee's nest. What went wrong? Here are a few of the game's most disappointing "features."

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Blastoise2116d ago

Played it last night, pretty groovy. Was surviving for about 20 years before I got eaten straight away by a Crocodile :(

jon12342116d ago

20 years?! :O woah so this game has the ability to mess with the space time continuum.

Blastoise2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

No the days just go by really fast lol.

20 years = 30 minutes playtime

rezzah2116d ago

wats the price of the game?

Blastoise2116d ago

£10 normally and £8 on PS+. Dunno what that is in $. Only played it for about an hour and half but its definitely something different to say the least

HammadTheBeast2116d ago

About $15 or $12 with PS plus.

LinLeigh2116d ago

It's a fun little game that could have been awesome with proper polish. It would have worked really well online as well.

HammadTheBeast2116d ago

Online would've been amazing. 50 player servers, killing others makes you bigger, until you get to the lion king. Puts a whole new spin on Gun Game,

Sketchy_Galore2116d ago

I had hoped it'd work a bit more like the Fallout NV hardcore mode. Having a slowly decreasing food gauge and so on but having enough time to explore areas etc. it actually plays closer to Crazy taxi than anything else, it's always a hectic race to the next plant or animal to eat and you can't go exploring areas the game doesn't want you to when it doesn't want you to because there'll be absolutely nothing there. If you wander into an area you don't have any challenges in at that time you won't find a single thing to do or to help you survive. It's not really so much of a survival sim as it is a crazy hectic coin-op arcade game. Still though there's some fun to be had with it and the stealth/combat systems are pretty cool.

Kiddcarter2116d ago

I'm personally loving it, played as a fat cat last night and survived for 30 years before I attacked a sleeping panther by mistake and got wrecked in like 10 seconds...non of the flaws this article mentions are gamebreaking in my opinion