Xbox 360: The 6 Things it Does Best

Despite some reliability issues, the Xbox 360 boasts utility that any gamer can get excited about, even PS3 and Wii owners. GamePro lists the top 6 things that Xbox does better than the rest...

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aggh im on fire3694d ago

Have to admit i use my 360 the far. Onlines better and the game libairy is the moment. This might change over the next couple of years, but at the moment its my most used machine.

kewlkat0073694d ago

I can agree with that. Not sure what Wii online may bring or Home and all the extra features PSN currently does not do right out the box.

I go on XBL then PSN, really you can't get bored on Live.

Like the article states, "besides" the RROD issue, for those that may/have experienced it. My condolences..:-(

Xbox 360 Elite going strong on this end. No complaints besides Noise/Prices.

gaffyh3693d ago

Some of these "Things it Does Best" are ridiculous. How can you say that the Downloads are better because they automatically install? the only difference with the that and the PS3 downloads is that you have to click install, which is not a problem and is better in a way because you can choose when you want to install something. For example if you wanted to switch off your console, you can't if it is auto installing like on the 360.

I haven't tried Live on my 360 so I can't vouch for the other things, but I honestly think that PS3's XMB is a LOT simpler to use than the 360. But the 360 interface looks better.

funkysolo3694d ago

No pun intended. Since I got my PS3 I have no regrets and enjoy playing everyday since I got it. We went from have 3 360's in the house to now have 3 PS3...The only thing I like better on the 360 is the party invite, and send messages, everything on the list has nothing to do with gaming

aggh im on fire3694d ago

True but the games have been better so far as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.