'Minecraft' Update: New Mobs (Part 2)

The first new addition to the Minecraft “Pretty Scary” update is the Witch mob. Appearance-wise it seems to be a Villager dressed up as a witch. However the texture has been reported to be broken in some Snapshots, so it may not render properly for you. At first glance the Witch may not be intimidating but with the twitch of its nose, it begins to throw Potions which (pun intended) can damage the player. To our demise the potions can range from Potions of Weakness to Potions of Poison. Furthermore our negative potions currently have no affect on the Witch mob. There is one weakness to the Witch’s magic, and that is once you damage the Witch to a certain extent it will begin to drink a Potion of Regeneration. Not so good for us right? Wrong. Actually the potion may heal the Witch, but at the same time it provides the opportunity for you to rush in for the kill. In conclusion, the Witch is a cool, yet difficult Mob that we look forward to seeing again (not!). In this case, it is easy.

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