Ken Kutaragi Honored at D.I.C.E.


"We love you Ken Kutargai, or as we like to you call you, Crazy Ken. You were awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at DICE, and this video explains your incredible accomplishments. Called the "father" of PlayStation, Kutaragi is responsible for redefining what games are meant to be -- away from their "toy" moniker into something more mainstream."

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Iamback3755d ago

No one can deny that if it wasn't for him this industry would never be what it is today. Thank you Ken! F..king genius!

pacman6153755d ago

the dude is a visionary for gaming..

DarkSniper3755d ago

Thank you Ken Kutaragi for creating what has become the greatest brand of videogame history, Playstation. Without you, us as gamers would still be playing cartridge games on a kids system such as Nintendo 64 while Sega spends themselves out of business.

Ken is the creator of all of the Sony Snipers we have all become, including Dark Sniper himself. Dark Sniper owes Ken his life which is the minimal amount of gratitude that Dark Sniper can show Mr. Kutaragi.

The trend of Playstation 1,2 and 3 being superior products above the competition shows that your genius is unrivaled by no one and ensures that each and every Playstation owner has a platform that can be enjoyed for at least a decade.


Dark Sniper3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Dark Sniper hates this man and everything he stands for. He is the reason why the Waitstation 3 is such a failure today, and a distant third in the game industry. His failure to design a competent game console will be the downfall of the Sony corporation. Maybe the next successor will develop an actual game machine, and not a movie player that is financially out of reach for most gamers out there, and that is simple to program for, so the software creators would not be putting out any more garbage like they are with the Waitstation 3 right now.


macalatus3755d ago

Dark Sniper and other user "clones" are one of the main reasons why rabid members of "RROD Secret Society" are sounding desperate in this site. All gamers should support the great DarkSniper (the "real" one, without a space) by giving him bubbles. Only time will when the "good" gamers (the PS3 people) will be corrupted by "fake" gamers (the members of the "RROD Secret Society"). Arise, fellow Sony breathren, and reconquer this site from the plague engineered and sent forth by heartless secret agents of MicRRODsoft!!


Dark Sniper3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Thank you for your kind words and support for Dark Sniper. You will be rewarded with bubbles from all the Sony Snipers.


xbotsRidiots3754d ago

lol damn sniper seems like you aquire more and more groupies every day. well done sir.

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Luck_y_Penny3755d ago

yes, this man really diserves big thanks from every gamer out here. Thank you Ken for your contribution to the world of gaming.

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