Does It Hold Up: ActRaiser

Oprainfall's retrospective on how older games have held up and compare to modern games begins with a look at Enix's classic action-platform-simulation video game, ActRaiser.

Oprainfall writes: "Actraiser aged well. Not necessarily like fine wine but good enough. The music could be better, the landscape could be more detailed, and the game could have had a bit more depth to it in all aspects. But the gameplay is what keeps it going."

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guitarded772122d ago

ActRaiser was one of those games where I saw the screenshots in mags and on the game box and was like "Damn the Super Nintendo has amazing graphics". A lot has changed since then. I barely remember playing it, but I remember being more impressed with it visually than gameplay wise.

Chug2122d ago

I remember thinking the exact same thing about how impressed I was with the screenshots, though I never got the game. My parents were kinda tight about video game spending, so I missed out on a few greats like this one.

guitarded772122d ago

Yeah, I never owned it either, but I rented it for a week from the old local video store. I ran a Google image search to look at some screens from the game... Even today, it looks really great compared to other games from the era. I don't have a Wii, otherwise I'd download it, but I get my Wii U in November... I may download it then.

Ben_Grimm2122d ago

Don't know if it holds up but this game is definitely one of the most amazing games on SNES I have ever played.

If any game deserves a remake it's this one. But it has to be done right. It has to be a Japanese team of monks that have a studio high in the mountains and create games through sheer force of nature that extends past our physical comprehension.

camel_toad2122d ago

I loved it. The sequel sucked in comparison because it got rid of the whole city building portion which is what made the first one so unique.

kabala2122d ago

Its one of my favorite games on the Snes along with Contra 3 Alien Wars!

specialguest2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

I love Actraiser back in those days, and it needs to either be remade or continued. Actraiser 2 with no sim gameplay was a bad decision.

Sarcasm2122d ago

Wow this brings back memories. I was only a youngin' when I first played this game. Didn't understand a single thing about the RPG elements and only played through the Arcade type version. Meanwhile my brother really got into it with that little Angle guy flying around.

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