5 Games You Need to See to Believe on Steam Greenlight

GP: "Since the launch of Steam Greenlight, we’ve seen many games show up on the service. Some appear in much more finalized states than others, and some are already existing games simply looking for the chance to be on Steam. Many fall into the category of platformer, or retro-styled, horror, and the like. However, a few of the games on Greenlight are really standing out as something different."

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strangelove2151d ago

I'm looking right at them and I still can't believe it!

Trago13372151d ago

these games look trippy.....i like it :D

Conzul2151d ago

Dream looks really good in particular.

soundslike2151d ago

Dream looks awfully mundane for its namesake, but FractOSC and Trip look like they are worth tumbling down the rabbit hole for

TheLiztress2151d ago

They all look good. I hope we see more titles such as these on there.

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