War Z "Weeks Away" From Public Access

In an update posted on the official War Z forums today, executive producer Sergey Titov said the highly anticipated zombie survival MMO was "literally weeks away from opening access to the game to public." Exciting news to the fans who have been waiting months to actually play the game. With a recent surge in media and press releases, anticipation for the title is at an all-time high, and a solid first public demo would certainly help the title steal some of the spotlight in the zombie survival market.

Additionally the team has been working hard to resolve some of the issues eager-players have noted in the recent media releases, notably sounds and animations. As well as optimizing and tweaking some of the GUI to make it more user friendly and efficient.

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HaMM4R2184d ago

I really really hope its better than dayz, I will probably buy it!

Adexus2184d ago

Weeks away? From the videos they've shown it shouldn't be "weeks away", it looks so early on in development.