Borderlands 2 - PC Performance Analysis

DSOGaming writes: "Borderlands 2 is finally here with us, so it’s time to see how this bad boy performs on the PC. Gearbox has promised to polish the PC version and they are offering a nice number of parameters with which you can adjust the game’s visuals. Yes, there is a FOV slider and you can disable the mouse acceleration. However, the game itself seems to be suffering from various performance issues, issues that should not be present on a title that is powered by Epic’s Unreal Engine 3."

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AKS2180d ago

I found a solution that remedies any performance problems with this game. I used a 2600K CPU and two GTX 670 4GB cards in SLI. Runs very smooth maxed out.

stragomccloud2180d ago

Oh. Is that all? Sounds like a quick fix to me! Wish more pc ports were better optimized!

AKS2180d ago

I'm just joking around of course. I'm surprised this game is so CPU-intensive. I have difficulty detecting most of those types of issues because I put together an enthusiast gaming PC. I've been playing this game quite a bit, and from what I've seen, I would have expected it to be primarily a GPU-intensive game, but only with the high end settings cranked.

stragomccloud2179d ago

I knew you were joking, just because there is no way that a game showed require something like that to run the game okay. Well, when the next consoles start coming out, they should have tech in them that's at least closer to to current gen mid range PCs, so might be able to look forward to better optimization in PC games.

Bladesfist2179d ago

I get 70 fps average with it all maxed out at 1080p. My specs are not amazing.

AMD FX8150 (8 core)
8GB Ram
GTX 660Ti PE

stragomccloud2179d ago

That's good to know. I'm currently running a Phenom II 1090T and an HD5850, but I'm getting the new FX 8350 when it comes out, and HD8870 when that releases in Jan/Feb. Should put me more in line with those specs.

iamgoatman2179d ago

I thought the game ran pretty damn well actually, my frame-rate never drops below 60 and is normally well above that, but my main PC is using a 2500k and 2x 5850s.

But I did install it on my old machine which is running a dual-core Intel E8400 at it's stock 3Ghz along with a 8800GT. Have everything turned up as high as possible apart from PhysX, using SMAA instead of FXAA (looks better anyway) at 1360x768 and haven't seen it drop below 30FPS once, and its normally hovering in the mid 40s, so not too shabby if you don't mind not having a constant 60FPS.

AKS2178d ago

I just read Digital Foundry's analysis, and they were pretty impressed with the PC version. It's hard for me to detect such problems; I went overboard on the hardware front precisely to avoid having these types of issues.