PC Version of Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes Appears For Preorder

The PC version of Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes has appeared on the online retail site for preorder. This is odd due to the fact that there hasn't actually been a PC version announced yet.

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TheLiztress1938d ago

Nice. I'd like to play this on the PC.

strangelove1938d ago

My dinky little laptop could never run this, but some day I might join the PC gaming world.

TheLiztress1938d ago

Mine might run it but there's no telling of how well it would look.

WildArmed1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

On the bright side, the longer you wait, the cheaper the price of admission for PC gaming becomes. Right now most new personal Computers are capable gaming machines, all they need is a GPU.

Nimblest-Assassin1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Man.. when you start Pc gaming... its hard to go back

Borderlands 2, oh man. Best Game I've played this year

I might get ground zeroes for PS3 though... and I find it funny that now that MGS is multiplat people from the PC and 360 crowd have stopped slamming MGS, and now are claiming they will have the superior version of a game they were blasting for not being a game, but rather just cutscenes... remember all the MGS4 review controversy, and people kept insulting the game for no good reason?

I had no clue what was going on at the time, since I only had a wii, but after I played all the MGS games... the people who blasted MGS4 are idiots

Weird how fanboys work

But still, I think the MGS franchise is something everyone should at least try/experience

Ground Zeroes day 1 for PC... or PS3 depending on the specs

1937d ago
Sarcasm1937d ago

Oh man I hope this comes to fruition and does come out on the PC.

RumbleFish1937d ago

My GTX 680 can't wait to render this beautiful game in all its glory. Please let this be true. MGS on PC still playable in decades thanks to compatibility mode!

Jason1431937d ago

you can get diy kits cheap and a 550ti for $99 which is capable of running battlefield 3 on ultra. rather cheap to be honest. quad core high end and mobo and ram and case with psu is $290 so $400 your into high end gaming.

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Hatsune-Miku1938d ago

I'll buy this first day of relesse

Knight_Crawler1938d ago

How awesome would it be if these two guys were in game together.

Laxman1938d ago

Thats exactly what I think every time I see the MGS Ground Zeroes image that used on this article. The resemblance is uncanny!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

First gamers ever to play MGS in 1080 or higher! Congrats!!

Also for the ps3 elitist..

the pc spec are based on ps3 & 360 straight from the horses mouth. Don't trust articles trust kojima.

Developing on pc the porting to 360 is better than porting to cell architecture. Everyone know this.

BiggCMan1938d ago

That's not entirely true, you can emulate every MGS game except MGS4, and play them in above 1080p resolution on the emulator. I'm sure many people have done it already.

Slugg3r1937d ago

Peace walker HD was in 1080p

Withdreday1937d ago

"Developing on pc the porting to 360 is better than porting to cell architecture. Everyone know this."

1)Kojima has worked primarly on the PS3 all this gen, 2)this was LEAD developed on PS3 and will be ported Xbox, 3)most Japanese made games end up horrible on Xbox an PC and 4) it will most likely be on multiple discs on 360.

The superior version WILL be on PS3.

ATi_Elite1938d ago

did I miss something?

What happen to "Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance" cause we are now all of a sudden talking about "Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes" like "it's" the next game to be released.

SneeringImperialist1937d ago

Who cares about Revengeance now that Ground Zeroes is on the way lol?

Irishguy951937d ago

Because it is the next gme to be released?

MGR is not the same as the MGS series. I cannot wait for Rising either but..still

Withdreday1937d ago

Metal Gear Rising will just be hack and slash crap, MGS: Grounds Zeros is an actual entry in the franchise.

Notice how people moved on real quick after GZ was announced. That's why.

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kostchtchie_1938d ago

hopefully this can be modded :)

WeskerChildReborned1938d ago

This is a game that doesn't even need mods to be more awesome.

kostchtchie_1936d ago

ha ha indeed, but would still love it to be modded :P

Plagasx1938d ago


the definitive version is coming!

2pacalypsenow1938d ago

the definitive ersion is on Ps3

Batzi1938d ago

^ this. The lead platform is PS3 first and foremost plus this article is full of shit. No one confirmed anything about a PC version. The Ground Zeroes trailer DOES NOT include "Microsoft Windows" at the end.

taquito1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )


the definitive "erosion" is on ps3/360

eroded hd, anti aliasing, draw distance, proper shadows, framerate,v-sync, hdr, ssao

console versions of multiplats are ALWAYS severely eroded.

and if you guys actually believe that the console version will look ANYTHING like that trailer, you are moire delillusional than I thought before, lol.

and people saying the trailer was on a pc with ps3/360 tech an 8 year old pc....mmmm hhmmmm......sure it

wait till it comes out on console and is covered in jaggies, screen tear, low res textures, bad framerate like all console games and looks NOTHING like that trailer.....gosh, you think after 8 years of blullshots and FAKE trailers you guys would get it, the best ps3 will EVER do is uncharted 2 (3 looked worse, face it, and uncharted 2 looks LAST GEN compared to 5 year old pc games) and the best 360 will ever do is gears 3 (which looked freaking awful)

cpayne931937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

@taquito I feel sorry for people like you. What you say is almost certainly true, but if it bothers you if a game doesn't have good enough graphics, then pc ruined gaming for you. Graphics have next to nothing to do with what I think of games, I still play more ps1 and n64 games then I do games from this gen. Would it bother you to look at old graphics? Would it take the fun away?

See, I don't think of games in terms of graphics and specs. I just think of them in terms of gameplay and art. And because of that art part, to me banjo kazooie looks better than battlefield 3 any day of the week. I'm going to buy this game because I love the mgs gameplay and story. As long the frame rate is solid, I really don't care how it looks. Mgs 1 is still my favorite anyway, and that has some pretty shitty graphics compared to today's games don't it?

STONEY41937d ago

The demo was said to running on a PC by Kojima himself. Almost confirms a PC version.

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