CCU: What is this? Resident Evil 6 is now Call of Duty? Demo Impressions

SchollA from Console ControllUs pronounced control-us writes:

I was really looking forward to the Resident Evil 6 demo I’ve been a long time RE fan (almost since day one). Now although I didn’t expect a huge leap forward based on what I saw in the previous released trailers I was still curious to see if it felt any different and how the move and shoot mechanics would play out and possibly how the game came at me (presentation).

So it’s safe to say that I’m disappointed by the Resident Evil 6 demo, So disappointed in fact that I’m not sure if I’m going to purchase anymore.

Where do I even start…oh yeah the “Call of Duty” thing, wait, let me describe the demo itself first.

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toxic-inferno2149d ago

The grammar on this article is pretty terrible.

Also, makes you wonder whether the longer a game series exists, the more it tends towards Call of Duty...

DeadlyFire2149d ago

They do know the point of the game changed from Zombies to EVIL in RE4. Its not going backwards from that.

As far as Call of Duty goes. The graphics are a bit better than CoD I believe. Not same engine remodeled every year. Well at least that is my thought on it.

Gameplay is nothing like Call of Duty in the demo. Sure zombies with guns are there, but are they really a challenge?

RE developers are just sampling different gameplay elements for the game. Its not many games out there that offer more than one way to play a game. I personally prefer the Leon segment as the way to play the game as it has always been so far.

Blastoise2149d ago

It's nothing like Call of duty. It's nothing like Resident evil either but still, when was the last time you played a third person co-op CoD game with mutants, using herbs to heal and R1 to do karate kicks?

This comparison is ridiculous

CanadianTurtle2148d ago

Aw man, I died laughing. "Agree (0), Disagree (9)"

N4G, you full of haterz.

TongkatAli2149d ago

I would never go to a Japanese chef and ask him to cook me a bacon chesseburger.

lsujester2149d ago

You know, I think I might actually would. It won't be traditional American cheeseburger, but I bet he'd have some interesting flavors in it. Panko in the with meat, teriyaki sauce, korokke pattie on it.

I know this is irrelevant to your point, but I haven't had breakfast yet.

TongkatAli2149d ago

Me neither : (

I don't like my burgers overly dressed.

Lucretia2149d ago

hmm looks like someone only played chris' part of the demo.

Leons is the slower paced Zombie horror version, and Jakes isnt all run and gun like chris.

3 different play styles, 3 different campaigns.

most people i know, only want to play the game for leons side.

Eyeco2149d ago

Leon's campaign looks like its gonna be just a easy if not more so, i think RE6 is more casual than COD seriously after playing the demo on Leon's side you dont even need to use a gun, you can literally fly through the demo using the combat knife and melee, I was shocked. T

The game is more like a cross between Gears of War and L4D just allot easier.

Lucretia2149d ago

I think Leons demo wasnt that easy. im looking forward to unlocking Solo mode, then playing on hard mode. No partner, Harder difficulty, sounds like fun :P

GrahamGolden2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

yea u r right lucretia jake is not run n gun its street fighter mode i forgot sry lol

GTRrocker6662149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

Resident evil always had action in it. Remember the giant alligator in RE2? Its only natural that they would eventually go more in that direction as time passed and advances in what was possible in games became better and easier. Whos to say that capcom didnt always want action in those games but just couldnt do it before? Just a thought

Eyeco2149d ago

I disagree man, there only going for a more action orientated approach to appeal to the masses, look at the most popular games in north america COD, they clearly want a piece of that pie and there not gonna get it by sticking to a traditional survival horror, i don't blame them i mean at the end of the day gaming is just business, its just a shame to see a beloved franchise lose it's identity for the sake of appealing to casual frag heads.

I mean look at FF13 the producer Yoshinori Kitase even said it himself that he wanted the game to be more like an FPS than an RPG why else would he say that if the most most popular games in the North American market weren't FPS.

GTRrocker6662148d ago

Oh i know thats happening too, just saying that resident evil always had action. Even if it was in cut scenes. It was still there.

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