Dishonored - Ditches shadow stealth

Dishonored Dev. explains why light and shadow stealth was ditched.

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CommonSense2185d ago

"so we compromised. But I think it's kind of working now."

you think it's kind of working?

what a ringing endorsement!

soundslike2185d ago

Context people...context. He was talking about art design

"There is another reason Arkane wanted to light it's world: art.

"You might have noticed that our artists went kind of crazy to create the most detailed and interesting world," said Dinga Bakaba, game designer and associate producer, "so it was kind of contradictory to put some pitch black areas where you can't see very well."

"It was killing the visual to have very contrasting areas," added Christophe Carrier, "so we compromised. But I think it's kind of working now.""

josephps32185d ago

Bethesda published. Nuff said. Not buying it.

Parappa2185d ago

At least the dev was honest...

"But I think it's kind of working now."

Bethesda...Kind of working.

iNFAMOUZ12185d ago

bitter ps3 fanboy much? stop trollin

Psychotica2185d ago

Who cares if they are the publisher, they are not the developer is what matters..

Sketchy_Galore2185d ago

I think it's a good thing that they didn't go for the kind of light based stealth that lets you stand two feet in front of an enemy who's looking directly at you and not be seen because you're in the shade but removing shadow altogether as a factor in stealth just sounds crazy. I'm still holding out hope for this game but this news really doesn't help me do it.

Chuk52185d ago

I read on the forms that there are multiple cones of sight. One of them takes into account being hidden in the dark. I think it's the peripheral vision.

Locksus2185d ago

What I've gathered from watching the walkthrough videos the stealth mechanic seems to be working really well. I see no problems with it.