Pokemon 3DS - What we want from the next entry in the franchise

Gamesradar writes: "With Pokemon Black and White Version 2 about to launch for the DS in North America, we’re looking to the future and thinking about what we want from the next new Pokemon game. The RPGs have followed the same basic structure for over a decade, and we think it’s time for the series to get some big changes in order to avoid getting stale.

While a Pokemon title beyond Black and White 2 hasn’t even been announced yet, we all know it’s coming eventually. And when it does, here’s what we want to see."

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Krew_922150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

For one I really do hope it's 3DS only, that's one of the reasons I bought the 3DS very recently.

I know that Mystery Dungeon 3DS game has been announced, but only for Japan for now.

I agree with everything in this list, although I don't know how they would make the gym leaders less predictable. Perhaps giving them more than one type Pokemon? It's far too easy to beat Gym leaders, same as the Elite four since they have one type Pokemon, and you can defeat them all with just one overpowered Pokemon.

For example I can defeat two out of the Elite fours with just one Krookodile, and he's only level 85.

2150d ago
A7XEric2150d ago

Glad they mentioned character customization. It was one of the few good things about Battle Revolution. One of my biggest complaints with the series is that after a certain point you have so much money and nothing to spend it on. Adding shops that have new gear and outfits to customize your character with would be awesome.

And also they need to get rid of the INSANELY stale "start out in small town, beat 8 gym leaders, victory road, elite 4" structure they have had for the past 15 years

Luke_fon_Fabre2149d ago

I hate it when people say: I'm not getting a 3DS because there's no Pokemon on it, or I'm only going to get a 3DS when a Pokemon game comes out on it. That's dumb. Even worse are the people who want gen 6 to be on DS. That's even dumber because it'll be another 2-3 years before that even happens and by then the DS will not have any more games. I wonder (and I'm assuming this will happen) if the Ruby/Sapphire remakes will be on DS or 3DS...